Feng Shui Office and Work Tips


Our office feng shui tips will help you create vibrant and successful energy in your office space. Whether your office is a home office, a corner C-suite, or a small cubicle, feng shui can invite positive energy when you know how to apply it.

Since we tend to spend many hours in the office, these feng shui suggestions can improve your success, career, and overall health.

Explore our office tips and find the one(s) that are easy to implement in your specific office space. Feng shui doesn’t have to be dramatic. Even a couple of air-purifying plants and correcting your desk can do wonders for your well-being and ultimately contribute to your career success.

Good Entry Qi

In feng shui, the entryway is an important area to pay attention to. The front door is also called the “mouth of qi” because it is how energy and opportunities enter your space. Because of this, make sure that it’s easy to find. Create clear signage and check that the door is in working order. This not only welcomes positive opportunities for clients but also for team members of the company.


A good way to test out your entrance’s feng shui is to see if people get confused trying to find your office. If visitors or delivery people can’t find your office easily, opportunities will not find you either.

A Welcoming Reception

The reception is like the mouth of qi since this is how people enter into space. It’s the first impression people have of your office, and it’s also a boundary to protect those working inside. Because of this, it’s important the receptionist is in command of the front door and can see anyone who may be coming in.

Take some time to make sure this area is welcoming, well-lit, clean, and easy to find. Think about how you would feel coming into the office for the first time and how you can make it a positive experience for visitors.

Activate the Wealth Corner

Feng shui practitioners use the Bagua when assessing a space, a conceptual energy map that can be laid over your office floor plan. The bag comprises eight areas around a center, with each area relating to a specific area of life. One of these areas is connected to wealth and abundance. To find the wealth corner of your workspace, stand in the front door looking in, and imagine a three-by-three grid (like a tic-tac-toe board) drawn on the space. The far left corner is the wealth corner.

The wealth corner is related to the abundance of all kinds, including financial abundance. It’s also connected to self-worth, as well as the color purple and the wood element. This is an important area to look at in an office to encourage prosperity and opportunities for abundance for team members and the company.

You can also locate the wealth area on a desk. To do this, sit at your desk and imagine a three-by-three grid laid over the surface of the desk. Again, the far left corner is the wealth corner.

Once you’ve found the wealth corner of your office or desk, you may want to activate it. A few ways to do this are to add a living green plant (which represents the wood element), something purple, or a citrine crystal. However, you choose to activate this area to set an intention for what you would like to invite in this area of life for you or your company.

Activate the Relationship Corner

Another area of the feng shui Bagua is related to relationships. To locate the relationship corner, imagine the same three-by-three grid over your office space as you’re standing at the front entrance, and find the far right corner. You can also find the relationship corner of your desk in the same way.

Often, we talk about this area in terms of romantic relationships, but it’s also related to other types of partnerships, including business partnerships. This makes it a great area to focus on in the workspace if you would like to cultivate strong working relationships with clients, colleagues, or collaborators.

The relationship corner is also related to the earth element and the color pink. To activate the relationship corner of your office or desk, you can place something pink or something representing the earth element, such as a natural crystal, salt lamp, or stone sculpture. If you would like to call in a beneficial partnership, you can also place a pair of items here.

Add Plants for Growth

Living green plants represent the wood element connected to growth, vitality, and new beginnings. Plants in your workspace can encourage growth in your career and your company. Just like a career or business, plants need attention and nurturing to grow, so make sure you care for your plants and keep them healthy.

It’s always best to use the real thing, so avoid artificial plants. If living plants truly cannot thrive in your office (if you have no natural light, for example), choose the best quality artificial plants you can find. You should also avoid using dried plants and flowers as feng shui adjustments because they are dead and do not have the same vital life energy that living plants do.

Commanding Position

The commanding position is a powerful and foundational feng shui concept. When you’re in the commanding position, you can see the widest expanse of the space. Your desk must be in command because your desk represents your career. Being in command at your desk represents being in control of your career and having a wider view of possibilities and opportunities available to you.

This applies to cubicles as well as open offices. If possible, position yourself so that you are in command: you should be able to see the entrance to your cubicle or the office while seated at your desk, without being directly in line with the entrance.

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to arrange your desk in this position, and you’ll need to correct it with a mirror. Place the mirror in such a way that you can see a reflection of the entrance when you’re sitting at your desk.

It’s also important that the company’s boss or CEO be in the commanding position of the entire office space, which will be either in the wealth corner or the relationship corner. This allows them to have a complete view of what is going on in the company and be aware of new opportunities.