Feng Shui Room Rules At Home

With our fast-paced lifestyles, we’re longing for more ease, good health, and happiness and seeking ways to incorporate wellness in our minds, bodies, and especially our everyday lives. This extends to our homes and physical environments. Luckily, feng shui techniques and adjustments can support us to create a more peaceful and nourishing life. Feng shui is the mindfulness of our spaces. If you’re ready to incorporate better flow and wellness in your everyday life, here are Feng Shui Room rules at home to create a home that is in harmony. These essential tips for decorating every room in your house will help promote good energy.

Entry Foyer

The entry to your home is called the “mouth of qi.” This means that the front door is the portal for all the qi, or life force energy, to enter your home and life. It’s one of the most important areas to look at for feng shui.

Entry Checklist

  • Make sure the entry is brightly light.
  • Keep the area free of clutter.
  • Be sure that the doorbell is functioning properly.

Living Room

The living room is a space where the inhabitants of the home can gather with buddies and family. It’s typically a more public space. Ideally, you want to keep it open and invite.

Living Room Checklist

  • Use the five elements colours to decorate your living room based on the energies you would like to cultivate.
  • Add green house plants to invite more wellness, growth, and kindness.
  • Configure the sofa and/or chairs in the commanding position.

Dining Room

The dining room is where we gather to eat and nourish together. It is time to connect and check-in with our loved ones, and it also represents friendships.

Dining Room Checklist

  • If the dining table used for other purposes, be sure to clear it off for meals.
  • Use the dining table for a meal regularly to attract more friendships into your life.
  • Fresh flowers can be offered to invite energy and unstick any of our connections to others in our lives.


Another one of the most important Feng Shui Room in the home, the kitchen represents wealth, abundance, and health. How well we eat directly relates to how we show up in the world. The stove connects to your prosperity and wellness.

Kitchen Checklist

  • Keep the stove clean and in good repair.
  • Use the stove at least once a day, even if it’s just to boil water. This keeps the energy active.
  • Regularly dispose of expired food in the refrigerator and pantry.

Family Room

The family room is another gathering spot that’s a little more private. It’s a nice room for the family to spend time together.

Family Room Checklist

  • Ensure that there is a seat for every person in the home.
  • Use the five element colours to decorate based on the energies you want to cultivate within the home.
  • Place a rug in the centre of the Feng Shui Room to connect and ground the family.


The bedroom is a great place to start with bringing the Feng Shui room into your home because this represents the person that sleeps there. Feng Shui room adjustments in the bedroom can work quickly and effectively here because you spend most of your life sleeping in your bed.

Bedroom Checklist
Place your bed in the commanding position if it’s not possible, correct for it.
It removed any storage and clutter from underneath the bed. Ideally, it’s entirely open for air and qi circulation.
Make sure that you have a headboard that’s securely attached to the bed.

Home Office

The home office is especially important if you often work from home if this is your main office space. Your office space and the desk symbolises your career. Therefore, the feng shui of your home office greatly affects your success in your work.

Home Office Checklist

Place your desk in the commanding position if it’s not possible, correct for it.
Check that you use a chair with a back. A desk chair with a back provides more support. And everyone can use support in their career.
Make sure you have at least three feet of space between the desk and chair.


The bathroom has a lot of water element, which can lead to the draining away of wealth. Start by keeping the bathroom sparkling clean so it can truly be a spa-like place of rest and recuperation.

Bathroom Checklist

A living green houseplant on top of the toilet can transform the low water energy into upward life energy because plants grow and flourish with water.
Keep the toilet seat shut when not in use.
Keep the mirrors clean so that they can reflect with clarity.


Cosets can represent hidden areas of our lives and need attention just as much as the living spaces.

Closet Checklist

Regularly declutter and donate anything that is no longer needed.
Sweep out the dust bunnies that accumulate in the hidden corners.
Keep a little space open rather than packing the closet packed. This way, you send the message to the universe that you have space to invite new opportunities into your life.


Hallways are like the arteries where we circulate the qi through our homes. Therefore, don’t forget to feng shui in the hallways.

Hallway Checklist

Keep narrow hallways clear of clutter. Avoid making them too difficult to walk through as it represents obstacles in our lives.
Photos and artwork are great in the hallways, especially long ones.
Be sure hallways are well lit.