Feng Shui Shoe Rack Tips For Home


A shoe rack is one of the main furnishings that we often see during our house visits. It can be put outside the main door, inside the house by the door or in footwear lined up by the front door, but footwear is an integral part of our style of living, so you have to be careful about the Feng Sui and do not store footwear and shoe racks, linked to wealth and good luck to Feng Sui.

Here are a few of the general rules about Feng Shui shoe rack.

Ideal height

The house’s height divides into three equal parts based on the old Theory of Three Life Forces: the top is Heaven, the centre man, and the bottom is Earth. There is a lot of dirt in the shoes worn. The Earth segment includes a shoe rack containing worn, dirty shoes. The height of the house should not be more than one-third.

Type and number of tiers

Choosing an enclosed shoe rack on the type-open shoe rack prevents shoes from view and often has an odour. The cabinet will pick up the bad energy when it is closed. But remember that opening or ventilation winds must also be appropriate.

Five levels (Metal, water, wood, fire & earth) are the preferred number of levels in Feng Shui. There can be fewer than five levels, but not more. It is also a good instruction or measure to decide the ideal height.

Good to have shelf layout closed

Instead of an opened one, get a shelf style of shoe armchair.


Do not place shoe rack in bedroom

Due to comfort, some ladies prefer to put their shoe rack in their unwanted bedroom. The negative energy field of the shoes has a huge effect on the feng shui of your bedroom and may be so serious as affecting the marriage.

Shoe placement

The shoes should be stinky and filthy right at the base of the shoe rack. The front of the shoe should face inside to stop the bad Qi when opening the shoe rack. This is particularly the case with shoes that symbolise the Fire element with a pointing toe box. The fact that these shoes point to you for a long period of time leads to health problems. There are slanting shoe racks. Set the front of the shoe to the top. It signifies the decrease of one’s luck when put downward.

Keep Clean and Tidy 

It would help if you always kept your shoes clean and clean, regularly clean your shoes to minimise stink and remove old shoes that you haven’t had a long time to wear.

Regardless of how much you feng shui your house, your main door, and use as many feng shui remedies for good fortune, your footwear and feng shui can give you feng shui good health, good luck and richness.