Feng Shui Tai Sui 2021


Who is Tai Sui?

Tai Sui has been regarded as a mysterious force that can somehow dominate and influence people’s destinies. When it comes to Tai Sui, perhaps you are most impressed by the folk saying that those who clash with Tai Sui in Ben Ming Nian will face misfortune in that very year. In fact, Tai Sui refers to the Grand Duke Jupiter. In ancient times, Chinese astronomers numbered the years according to the 12-year orbital cycle of Jupiter. For example, in a Zi year, Tai Sui will be at a Zi direction, while in a Chou year, it will be at a Chou direction, and so on.

The Twelve Earthly Branches correspond with each other in space and time, which means an earthly branch will refer to the time when it comes to heaven and refer to space or direction when it comes to earth. Therefore, Tai Sui, in Feng Shui terms, is actually the direction of the earthly branch in a year. For example, in the year of Geng Yin, Tai Sui falls to Yin, so Yin (northeast) will be where the Tai Sui located in that year; in the year of Xin Mou, Tai Sui falls to Mou so that Tai Sui will be located at Mou (east) in that year. Ancient Chinese people took Tai Sui as the Grand Commander of the Year, and the due direction of it was regarded as the position of worship.

Directions in conflict with Tai Sui

Every year, Tai Sui’s direction is considered the superior or monarch position, which opposes the subject or inferior position. The opposite direction of Tai Sui (Sui Po Direction or The direction of Year Breaker) is known as conflict with Tai Sui, which means the subject will offend its monarch. Feng Shui theory is a top taboo to conflict, clash, or damage Tai Sui. The directions in conflict with Tai Sui are as follows:

01. A door opposite the direction of Tai Sui. If the door of your office or room is facing the direction of Tai Sui or the opposite, it is a clash with Tai Sui.
02. Layout. If your seat, bed, office, kitchen, or bedroom faces away from Tai Sui or the opposite direction, it is a clash with Tai Sui.
03. Break ground. It is taboo to break ground in the direction of Tai Sui or the opposite direction. Otherwise, you will offend Tai Sui and invite misfortune.
Besides, you will clash with Tai Sui if you attend school, engage in trade, work or travel in the direction of Tai Sui or the opposite.


YearRuling Tai SuiThe direction of Tai SuiThe direction of Year Breaker
The 2020 Year of the RatLu Mi (卢秘)NorthSouth
The 2021 Year of the OxYang Xin(杨信)NortheastSouthwest
The 2022 Year of the TigerHe e (贺谔)NortheastSouthwest


God of Year

Another folk saying goes that Tai Sui is the God of Year (or Grand Commander of the Year) who is in charge of people’s fortune and is the gods’ most powerful. Sixty Gods of Year have different names and take turns to govern in cycles. Generally, if your animal sign is the same as a year, you will clash with Tai Sui in that year; if your animal sign conflicts with the sign of a year, you will conflict with Tai Sui. The legend goes that in a year of the clash with Tai Sui, you will have changeable luck, poor health, and be prone to the lawsuit, disputes, and obstacles.

Some people believe that Tai Sui is a kind of glossy Ganoderma recorded in Compendium of Materia Medica, which grows in moist soil and is edible or used as medicine. It can ”fight to age and prolong life if taken for a long time” and regenerate once cut. Legend has it that those who dig a Tai Sui will face endless misfortunes, thus clash with Tai Sui.

Feng Shui Cures For Tai Sui 2021

In 2021, the Ox year of Xin Chou, General Yang Xin will be Tai Sui in charge of the year.

The direction of Tai Sui in 2021 and Feng Shui Layout
1 out of 7

In 2021, Tai Sui will fly to the northeast and the direction of conflict with Tai Sui (The direction of Year Breaker) is southwest which is inauspicious. If your front door faces northeast, Tai Sui will be at the position of the door and people in and out of it will offend Tai Sui, making you prone to disputes and misfortunes. The problem can be solved if you hang a trigram at the position.

2 out of 7

The direction of Tai Sui is absolutely the monarch’s position and you should worship devoutly. Do not break ground, drill on a wall or drive a nail in the direction, or you will offend Tai Sui and invites misfortunes. In the meantime, do not break ground or build at the direction of conflict with Tai Sui, or you will also offend Tai Sui and invite troubles. Therefore, do not break ground at the northeast and southwest of your house in 2021.

3 out of 7

Do not sit facing the Grand Duke or sleep with your head pointing towards the two directions above.

4 out of 7

Keep the direction of Tai Sui clean and tidy. In the Ox year of 2021, you should keep the northeast and southwest directions of your house clean and tidy. If you stack sundries in the two directions, it will be disrespectful to Tai Sui and your luck for a love relationship, career, wealth, health and study will be affected.

5 out of 7

Vigorous green plants at the northeast of your house will strengthen the power of Tai Sui to bless your family to get through the whole year peacefully.

6 out of 7

Do not put heavy items in the direction of Tai Sui. In 2021, do not put heavy items, such as fridges and furniture in the northeast and southwest of your house. Otherwise, you will offend Tai Sui and bring misfortune to your family.

7 out of 7

You can worship at home to please Tai Sui. You’d better worship between the 23rd or 24th of the twelfth lunar month and the Lantern Festival to win the blessing of Tai Sui, especially if you are under the animal sign of Ox, Sheep, Horse, Dog, or Dragon in a clash with Tai Sui during 2021; once you move Tai Sui with your sincerity, you will be blessed.