Feng Shui Tai Sui 2022

Feng Shui Tai Sui 2022

Feng Shui Tai Sui 2022

Tai Sui is a star in the sky who is also regarded as a legendary God by the Chinese.

Chinese people associate it with the twelve zodiac animals due to this star for 12 months which orbits the sun.

As a result, each year there will be an animal sign which Tai Sui associates with, as well as zodiac signs that clash with Tai Sui.

 Those born under the signs of Monkey, Snake, and Pig will clash with Tai Sui in 2022.

Due to the general various levels of conflict that result, the impact on them can vary.

People born under the Tiger sign will clash with Tai Sui and have a bad year in general; those who are born under the Monkey sign will clash with Tai Sui and have an unfavourable horoscope in terms of career and wealth; individuals who are under the Snake sign will harm Tai Sui and may experience frequent financial losses in that year, and the ones under the Pig sign will have a bad year in terms of love relationships.

It’s important to note that Tiger, Monkey, and Snake are all punishment groups, hence, those born under the Snake or Monkey signs will also torture Tai Sui in 2022. 


 Same Zodiac Year Conflict. (值太岁), Ben Ming Nian (本命年)

Tigers in the Jungle

For those born in Tiger years, 2022 is Ben Ming Nian (zodiac year of birth), which means they have the same zodiac year conflict, which is a kind of clash with Tai Sui.

Ben Ming Nian is often associated with bad luck, and the Tigers are no exception.

Those born under the Tiger sign can expect a bad career and a lot of bad luck in the year 2022.

They may easily fail in their work and cause losses to the company, which could result in a demotion or even unemployment because they often act impulsively without regard for the results.

As a result, their wealth horoscope is impacted, leaving them without a source of income and lowering their quality of life quality.


Conflict with Tai Sui (冲太岁). Torturing Tai Sui (刑太岁)

Those born under the Monkey sign will have a difficult time in 2022 as a result of conflicting and torturing Tai Sui at the same time.

Worst of all, their career may be jeopardized.

They may become inefficient and irritable with their coworkers as a result of this.

Furthermore, they may be set up by villains this year, resulting in their careers being negatively affected.

Those in charge of a business may incur significant losses, and a failed investment may result in cash-flow issues and a complete mess in their lives. 


Harm Tai Sui (害太岁). Torturing Tai Sui (刑太岁)

Snakes in the Jungle

Due to the clash with Tai Sui, those born in Snake years will have a bad year of bad luck in 2022. (harming and torturing Tai Sui at the same time).

Not only will they be framed by the main characters, but their family may also undergo a significant change: their marriage may end due to endless quarrels.

This year, their wealth horoscope may be the most adversely affected, which means they may experience no increase in income but significant financial losses.

This year, they’re likely to notice their money disappearing for no apparent reason.

Possibly to blame are a slew of unavoidable expenses and frequent financial losses in everyday life.

As a result, in 2022, they must keep a close eye on their finances. 


 Destruction of Tai Sui ( 破太岁 )

Pigs in the Farm

Though Tiger and Pig are one of the six compatible signs, the Pig sign will have a great interpersonal relationship in the year of the Wood Tiger 2022.

However, because of Tai Sui’s injury, their horoscope can be very risky.

They may make slow progress in their careers, struggle to make money, and have ups and downs in love this year.

Pigs who are married will be unaffected, but those who are in love will have a chaotic year of quarrels and reconciliations.

They may eventually break up if they are unable to manage the learning curve. However, if they succeed, they will marry. 

How to handle Tai Sui in the Year of the Tiger in 2022 

  1. Make adjustments to your home feng shui

With the start of the new year, those born under the Chinese zodiac who commit Tai Sui in 2022 should pay more attention to home Feng Shui.

While most years of committing Tai Sui to carry a risk of losing money, pay special attention at this time to actively placing the transfer mascot on the financial position and to not accumulating debris on the financial position, which will affect wealth.

2. Wearing the Hua Tai Sui Talisman

By wearing the Tai Sui talisman in 2022, the Chinese zodiac who commits Tai Sui will be able to reverse their fortune.

Men wear yin talismans and women wear yang talismans in normal circumstances.

They will also bring the Tai Sui talisman to the petition site after the end of 2022 to burn it. 

3. Wearing the same zodiac sign

Individuals can also change their fortune by wearing a pendant that corresponds to their zodiac sign.

which will protect them and improve their fortune. In the triad of the zodiac, the tiger can wear the horse and dog; the snake’s sixth zodiac is the monkey; the triad of the zodiac is the chicken and the ox; the monkey’s triad is the rat and the dragon; the pig’s triad is the rabbit and the sheep.

4. Wearing the Natal Buddha 

Wearing the natal Buddha in 2022 will be the most effective way of committing Tai Sui to resolve the unfavourable factors.

It is recommended that you prepare your natal Buddha before the New Year in 2022.

When wearing it, take care not to remove it at random. If you have to remove it for some reason, wrap it in red cloth and don’t throw it away.