Feng Shui to Improve Luck and Protection



Feng shui is an ancient Asian art of improving the energy of your environment. One of the original purposes of feng shui was to optimize one’s safety and well-being by planning and building homes in certain directions on properties so the buildings would be protected from dangers such as intruders or environmental concerns such as mudslides or flooding. At the same time, feng shui was also used to invite prosperity and vitality. An object of protection can also bring good luck; they are two sides of the same coin. The beauty of feng shui is that it can shift and adapt to fit the currently useful needs.

01. The Color Red

Red is the most auspicious color in feng shui. It symbolizes vitality, which is our lifeblood. You can use this color strategically in your feng shui to invite protection and good luck.

Paint your front door red or bring red decor items into your home. If red decor is not your design aesthetic, consider wearing red occasionally.

02. The Commanding Position

When you are in the commanding position, you are in the most advantageous placement to invite luck and protect yourself. You’re in the commanding position when you can easily see the door or entrance from where you are seated or standing without turning your head. For the most protection and luck, it’s important to be in the commanding position when you’re reclining in bed, sitting at your desk, and cooking at your stove. Metaphorically, when you see who or what is coming towards you, you feel less anxious and more protected.

03. A Pair of Protectors at the Door

Many cultures have different animal symbols that are traditionally placed at the entry of a home. These metaphorical gatekeepers protect the property and family while inviting good luck. In China, you often see a pair of fu dogs—mythical lion-like animals—at entrances of homes and even imperial palaces.

Contemplate your own culture and personal connections to see what symbolizes luck and protection for you. You might prefer your gatekeepers to be a pair of elephants, dragons, or lions, for example. Once you decide what animal symbols are meaningful to you, place a pair at your front door, one on each side, or even on the doors in a form such as knockers.

04. Snake Plant or ‘Sansevieria Trifasciata’

In feng shui, certain plants can skillfully bring life and vitality into your home. Sansevieria trifasciata (also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue) is one of our favorites when looking for protective energy in your environment.

The leaves resemble swords that can symbolically cut through any obstacles with fierce compassion. As a bonus, the snake plant is easy to care for, hardy and detoxifies the air.

05. Black Tourmaline

Black-colored crystals are useful for energetic protection. Black tourmaline, for example, can be used in your home to absorb any difficult and challenging vibrations like EMFs (electromagnetic fields, such as electrical wiring, appliances, and power lines), but it also soaks up other negative energies. Try placing a piece of black tourmaline in each corner of your home and at your front door to create a grid of protection. Every so often, be sure to clean your crystals to wash away negative energies.

06. Fierce Protector Deities

You may have seen some Buddhist and Hindu artwork that includes fierce-looking deities. These wrathful deities are called protectors because they defend against obstacles like ignorance and confusion. Sometimes they are depicted as human-like figures. Other times they can be geometric symbols. Either way, fierce protector deities are powerful energies to bring compassion and wisdom into your home in the form of statues or artwork.

07. Chinese Zodiac Best Friends

Feng shui practices connect to the wisdom of the Chinese zodiac. Every year there is a new zodiac animal. There are 12 animals in total, and they rotate in a particular order.

Each animal has its own type of energy, but there are also many other nuances. For example, each zodiac animal has a best friend to share an ideal relationship with.

For good feng shui, see what animal of the year it is each year based on the Chinese zodiac calendar. Then, find a realistic three-dimensional image of the animal of the year’s best friend. Carry this image with you or display it in your home. It becomes a good luck charm that protects you from harm. Remember, it changes every year.

The Chinese zodiac animal pairs that are best friends are rat and ox, tiger and pig, rabbit and dog, dragon and rooster, snake and monkey, and horse and ram.