Feng Shui Windows Recommendations


If the heart’s windows are the eyes, the eyes of a house are the windows. In traditional Chinese Feng Shui, windows and doors will block the unwanted external stimulation and reduce the energy required for them, expand the old air and inhale the new air. Windows Feng Shui is important for your home and you should not ignore it.


The top of a window is higher than your height so that you can strengthen your confidence and carry and not bend to look.


You should build a moderate-sized window. Not too big or too small. When the window is too big, it discharges the energy and leads to a host of trouble – for example the rebellious child is out of the grasp – if the window is too small, it leads to inadequate energy and poor illumination. In general, the window is smaller than the door of the entrance. If you have too big a window, you can solve or break it into many blind windows.


Indoor ventilation and lighting principles shall be applied to the windows and three or more windows must be avoided in a row. Too many windows lead to a heavy stream of air that destroys the quiet Qi field and leads to anxious life, restful housing and family feuds.


Round or with arched windows offer peace and calm like a church that is, therefore, it suits for bedrooms, lobbies and places of leisure. Square windows make us feel thrilling and affirmative, and thus ideal for offices and restaurants. The combined use of the above two forms is the best for residences. Pointed or triangular windows in your house are too sharp and damaging.


In different colours, the window frame and wall will show the outside landscape clearly and form a natural landscape painting that provides vitality and imagination. Make sure it matches the way to enhance your home’s Feng Shui when selecting the colour for your window frame.


The window to the east of your house is the safest according to the traditional Feng Shui theory. As the sun rises to the east and raises life and hope, the windows facing the east render this house full of energy and luck. The south-facing windows keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while the south-east facing windows benefit the health of your house. The north-facing windows affect your health because in five elements north Yin belongs and harmful energy is thereby this kind of windows. Windows facing the west and the northeast are likely for attack by cold winds during winter, while the windows facing the northeast and the southwest have little sunlight and little impact with regard to Feng Shui.

Opening Mode

The sliding or outer opening windows are the best as far as the front and rear area are concerned, from the Feng Shui viewpoint. You must open completely the windows, both inside and out rather than ascending or descending.

The windows that open on the outside boost your job, get fresh air and allow the foul air to be opened inside. The indoor windows, however, are adverse for air as well as for work. The best condition is not an airflow obstruction when a window is opened.