Feng Shui Your Life Tips To Attract Positive Energy


Feng shui has many uses: it can help you create a happy and harmonious home, an efficient, productive office, a beautiful garden or a quick house sale. It’s all in your hands!

Start feng shui your life with some easy and practical feng shui tips.

01. Feng Shui for the Home

Many people are concerned with the feng shui of our home, which is a fantastic place to begin implementing its concepts. Through the careful selection and placement of decor, you can create a healthy and happy home.​

Did you know, for instance, that feng shui can lead to a flow of energy that makes your family more loving toward one another? Through a series of small steps, you really can create an environment that promotes good energy, which can affect other parts to feng shui your life.

It is all based on the fact that if you live in a healthy and happy feng shui home, your energy will inevitably become healthy and happy.

02. The Effects of Feng Shui on Job Productivity

Feng shui is religiously applied by many business tycoons all over the world because it works. No matter your work environment, the principles of feng shui can be used to increase productivity and help you enjoy your work.

While feng shui will not automatically set you up for a successful career, it can help you reach your goals. If you own a business, you might also employ feng shui in a retail store or your office to promote good energy, which will lead to business success.

Create a smart office with some practical feng shui tips and start reaping the benefits.

03. Feng Shui in the Garden

Feng shui should not be relegated to indoor living spaces but can extend outside into your garden as well. Good feng shui in your garden will help attract nourishing, high-quality feng shui energy to your home, as well as delight all your senses.

When it comes to a good feng shui garden, your garden’s size is not the main criteria. What does matter are the feng shui elements you place in your garden? For instance, placing a feng shui tortoise in a good location can protect, promote, and stabilize your home’s energy.

Likewise, you might place a Buddha figure, water feature, or plant a vertical wall in the garden and reap their benefits as well.

04. Feng Shui in Real Estate

Feng shui can help you with both selling and buying a new home. It may sound too good to be true but believe it.

In selling your house, you can apply many basic feng shui tips to speed up the sale. The basic theories apply because if your home has good energy, buyers will be attracted to it soon as they enter the door.

Likewise, you can apply good energy to your house hunting experience. This goes beyond your energy to include decisions like the location of the houses you’re looking at, understanding the quality of the Chi a home has, and ways you may have to correct bad feng shui in your new home.

The transition of moving affords you an excellent opportunity to practice feng shui, which will lead to health, happiness, and prosperity.

05. Use Renovations to Your Advantage

Just as moving to a new home gives you opportunities to capitalize on good energy, the same can be done during your current home renovations.

Whether the remodelling project is big or small, you can use it as an opportunity to remedy some of the Bagua. For example, a kitchen remodel may allow you to correct a bad oven mouth direction or lead to ideas that maximize storage and reduce clutter.

If you’re switching around kids’ bedrooms, consider making them all equal in size. This will help balance the energy among the children. Another common example is moving an exterior door or windows to a better feng shui location.

During your renovations, consider feng shui in your decisions and boost the home’s energy.

06. Clear Cluttered Spaces

The feng shui effect of clutter on your health, energy levels, and the overall quality of your life is obvious. Clutter drains your energy and dampens your very best intentions.

Feng shui is here to guide you through all the steps of clearing clutter to create better energy in your home.

Another matter goes beyond physical clutter. The practice of “space clearing” should also be done regularly. Smudge your home or use essential oils to clear away the negative energies at least once a year or after an intense event. By doing so, your home will feel better and have a better flow of Chi.

07. Improve Your Health With Feng Shui

By applying some basic feng shui tips, you can greatly improve your health and sense of well-being. Feng shui will help you bring healing beauty and harmony into your life and create a good feng shui energy home.

For example, your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen make up the “health trinity” and significantly affect your well-being. You can also use feng shui tips to help you lose weight, and an abundance of natural light can improve your overall mood.

Many of the steps you’re already taking in feng shui are likely related to your health, and it’s important to continue these.

08. Good Feng Shui for Your Love Life

Feng shui wisdom offers a variety of cures to improve your love life. Harmonious and happy love life is an important part of your well-being.

As you might imagine, much of this feng shui work takes place in the bedroom, and there are many easy things you can do to nourish your love life. Many couples have found significant improvement in their relationship and sex life by adding light to moving your bed and clearing your closets by using simple feng shui techniques.

09. Can Feng Shui Help You Financially?

Good feng shui will not necessarily bring you wealth, but it will give you the support you need to seek fame and fortune. It helps you create an environment, both at home and in the business, to strengthen you and attract the energies to manifest your wealth.

While mapping your home, you should identify the money area of your home. You can then use curves and symbols such as fountains and mystic knots to strengthen the abundance and power.

10. Feng Shui for Every Season

Seasons come and go in cycles, and with each turning of the calendar, you are allowed to use feng shui to your advantage. It includes your home as well as yourself.

For instance, in the spring, you might do your annual spring cleaning and work on clutter. You should also get outside and enjoy nature to bring you out of the winter doldrums. This allows you to bring that good energy back into your nice, clean home.​

Each holiday of the year also creates opportunities for feng shui. Christmas, for example, is a fantastic excuse to revive spirits with warming feng shui elements. New Year’s is as much about renewal as spring, and Valentine’s Day is all about improving the love elements.