How can I find my career luck?

Now, in the following article, we will go over some feng shui tips that can help you advance in your career and make a lot of money.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese technique for living a prosperous and wealthy life. It actually detects whether or not your surroundings are healthy for you. Some people believe it, while others dismiss it as superstition. Believers believe that feng shui can completely transform your life. Positive qi can propel you to success. There are many people who practice feng shui, and it is also very popular.

A simple Fengshui trick for attracting good luck and positive energy at work is to place your phone or computer on the left side of your desk. The reason for this is that the Green Dragon, who brings you prosperity and harmony at work, resides on the left side. The White Tiger rules the right side, which will bring more challenges at work.



Today, everyone wants money and wealth, success in their careers, harmony in their homes, and love in their relationships. However, due to extreme pressure and stress, this is not always possible. Many people work hard but do not achieve much success. When they become unsuccessful and depressed, they invite feng shui into their lives.

Today we’re going to talk about some feng shui tips that can really help you with your career and money. You should be aware of some hints. Feng shui has many suggestions for career advancement. Both your home and office should have a positive vibration. Your personal energy is linked to both your home and your workplace.

To clarify goals, clear the clutter

After finishing your work, always clean the area around your office, your workspace, or your table. This way, it will better manage your work and allow you to perform better. The mess is always distracting and interferes with your day-to-day work. So, a clean and organized workplace is always a sign of a positive and clean mind.

Plants can help you boost your positive health energy

Place a small miniature plant in front of your table if your working position (whether at home or at the office) is near or backed into a corner to bring positive energy to a stagnant area. You will be able to work more efficiently, which will improve your health and stamina. Avoid cactus and other plants with thorns, as well as plants with an abundance of flowers (this could be more of a hindrance than a help). Real plants should be used because fake plants can attract negative energy and even lower your current mood and self-esteem.

In the north corner, install a water feature

If possible, place a water feature in the north corner of your home, office, or wherever you work to activate better career opportunities. When it comes to water features, you could use a fountain with flowing water or a fish aquarium or fish tank with moving water and a lot of fish, but avoid still pools or stagnant water to avoid bad luck.

Play music to dispel ‘Sha Qi,’ or negative energy that causes tension

Play some music around you to ensure harmony and to calm your nerves/soothe your temper. Aim for soothing melodies or lyrics-free songs. Anything too upbeat or energetic should be avoided because it will distract you from your work. However, different people react differently to music. Go ahead and listen to rock ballads if you find them soothing. If you own your own business, having soothing music playing in the office is beneficial to both the business and the employees. Alternatively, having your clients meet somewhere with pleasant music can increase the likelihood of discussion or deals.

Create a barrier between your table and the doorway

If your table faces a doorway, walk path, or corridor, use a mini partition to block any direct energies that may affect you. Fast-moving energy can be found in corridors and doorway openings. These energies may distract you, causing you to lose focus on your work. Make a small barrier or wall to prevent you from seeing the doorway or corridor ahead of you. If you own a business or an office, you can hang curtains as well.

After each day’s work, tidy up your desk

Make it a habit to tidy up your desk every time you finish working so that the next day can begin with a clean slate and a smoother start. Always keep your desk clean. Avoid leaving your desk messy or disorganized in the evening, as this can lead to the accumulation of stagnant energies. This may also cause conflict between you and your co-workers. A clear mind begins with a clean desk.

Avoid using mirrors in the workplace

Mirrors should not be hung in the office or workspace. Avoid hanging it behind your back in particular. This also applies to photographs or anything else that strongly reflects/acts as a mirror. This may attract complaints and increase the likelihood of people looking to backstab you. Instead, if you need to check your makeup or do your hair, carry a small compact mirror in your purse or bag.



Because the East governs your career, you may place some red furniture and decorations in the east to energize your family and benefit your career. Yellow is a symbol of wealth and one of the colors associated with career luck. Yellow furniture and decorations can also help you advance quickly in your career. Yellow lighting and tones can also be used in the living room or bedroom. Blue is a symbol of purity, calmness, and profundity, and it can help you relax and clear your mind.

Position crystals to your right

Tourmaline or Clear Quartz crystals should be placed in the right-hand corner of your desk. This assists you in breaking down stressful energies at work. It can also reduce attacks from ‘tricky’ people or those attempting to defraud you. They can also bring in benefactors to help you with your work. Remember to cleanse the crystals on a regular basis to keep them working at their best.