Gold Ingots: Attracting Feng Shui wealth

The Brass Gold Ingot is regarded as the symbol of wealth and fortune.

In Feng Shui, the classical gold ingots are excellent tools in attracting wealth, success and prosperity.

The ingots are in a boat-shape which is also known as ‘Sycee’ or ‘Yuanbao’ which is a Chinese currency. 

You can display these ingots at homes, shops and offices as a sign of abundance and good fortune.

This tool is in a unique way to emit wealth chi and is also available as bars or gold bullion. You can also use this to create a wealth vase to bring in wealth luck.

Here is some way to placing the gold ingot at home: 


The Bagua area of ‘money and abundance’ in the southeast corner of a home is the best place to keep the gold ingots.

Place the gold ingots in the living room, business premises or office to attract and enhance good luck which results in an abundance of wealth and money.

This lucky symbol is meant to protect from any loss of existing wealth too.

The northwest zone which indicates helpful people, travel, blessings and the metal element is another safe sport for the gold ingots.

This also furthermore, helps to attract many opportunities and boost financial luck. 


While arranging the gold ingots, make sure that they are facing towards the main entrance so that you can look at them when entering the house.

This will help to bring in many fortunes and luck into your home through the entry point of the Chi.

By combining the ingots with the Feng Shui wealth gods or lucky symbols,

it will increase the chances of finding success and opportunities. You can also place the gold ingots in front of the Buddha statue, Fuk Luk Sau, Tua Peh Kong, Turtle Dragon, Qi Lin and Chai Shen Yeh