Good Feng Shui Fruit Symbolism



The feng shui energy of fruits is the energy of fruition. Classifications often dictate the use of specific fruits in traditional feng shui applications from ancient texts as specific symbols of longevity, wealth, prosperity, fertility, etc. When choosing images of feng shui fruit cure, first and foremost, be guided by your instincts or your understanding of the energy of the fruit. The same goes for its medicinal properties. Feng shui-wise, attention is often paid to the colours, numbers, and symbolism of specific fruits. Because it is not always possible to have fresh fruits in your home, it is also good for feng shui to display paintings or photo art with specific fruits or have them in a variety of decor items or feng shui charms. Here is the description of the most popular feng shui fruit symbols as used in feng shui applications.

Peaches Symbolize Love

One of the most popular feng shui fruit symbols, peach, is the symbol of immortality. The peach is also known as the feng shui fruit of heaven. This is because of its prominence in many ancient Chinese legends about the Immortal Gods. Peach came to be associated with wealth, health, abundance, and longevity. The peach is also known as a feng shui symbol of love and marriage. In China, “love luck” is often referred to as “peach blossoms luck.”

Pomegranates Enhance Fertility

Because the pomegranate is full of juicy seeds, it symbolizes fertility in feng shui, and it is used as a feng shui fertility cure. Pomegranate also symbolizes happiness in the family, as well as good luck for one’s descendants. Feng shui consultants often advise newlywed couples in China to display art with pomegranates to attract good luck and healthy children.

Grapes Bring Abundance

In feng shui, grapes symbolize the abundance of food. This meaning is an abundance of material wealth. Grapes came to represent success and abundance coming to one soon or always being in one’s family. Thus it is common to see displays of grapes in Chinese homes. Sometimes grapes are also used as a feng shui symbol, or cure for fertility, and a cure for turning bad luck into good luck.

Apples Promise Peace

Apple has always been associated with peace, good health, and harmony in one’s home. The reason is that in the Chinese language, the word “apple” sounds like “peace.” Color-wise, red apples are considered very auspicious, although green and golden/yellow apples are also widely used according to their colour properties.

Pineapples Offer Luck

The sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so the pineapple has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity.

Oranges Refresh and Cleanse

The refreshing/cleaning odour explains the popularity of oranges in the traditional feng shui applications. The same goes for the yang quality of the orange colour. As a feng shui cure, it is often recommended to have 9 oranges in one’s living room or kitchen. It is for good luck and prosperity. It is believed that citrus fruits can ward off bad luck. This is why oranges, along with tangerines and limes, are often used in traditional feng shui applications.

It is best to use or display fresh feng shui fruit for their specific energies. However, traditional feng shui schools have developed various products and cures that incorporate the symbolism of fruits—from fruit shaped crystals to various amulets with the representation of specific fruits.