Good Feng Shui Kitchen Colors

Many colors can bring good feng shui energy to a kitchen, but you must use balance and harmony to create a calming space yet full of life. As the busiest and most commonly used room in the house, the kitchen is an important area for harmony and nurturing energy. And nothing sets the right tone for a room other than the perfect paint color. Finding a color that suits your decorating sense and feng shui goals takes some thoughtful consideration, but you don’t have to limit yourself to earth tones or pure white. Many of the basic color groups are suitable, as long as the overall visual effect is balanced and calming.

01. Gray With Softening Details


This soft gray kitchen color is warm, airy, and welcoming. It is perfect for feng shui energy because the gray color of the cabinets is softened by several different wood tones—in the ladder, the kitchen island countertop, and the bar stools. The gray also pairs well with the distressed white paint on the island’s vintage architectural details.

02. Sky Blue and Earth Tones


While blue colors can be challenging for feng shui, this particular kitchen has the best possible blue, along with its best color playmate: a calming and balancing earthy color. Despite the ultra-modern features, this kitchen is full of natural energy and feels airy, fresh, and happy.

Blue is a traditional choice for rooms in the North Bagua area because it relates to the Water element. You can balance it with Metal element colors, such as white and gray, and metal materials.

03. Green and Natural Wood


Green and brown are colors of the feng shui element of Wood. These are ideal for a kitchen in the East Bagua area, but they can work well in almost any kitchen. Here, the large green cabinet’s shade is muted and soft, while natural blonde wood takes center stage on the cabinets and island. Striking black countertops and sleek metal accents balance the scheme with suggestions of Water and Metal elements.

04. Timeless White


White is a perennial favorite for kitchens. And why not? There is something about the simplicity and freshness of white that brings a sense of calm and renewal. For those who love to cook, coming into a well-designed white kitchen is like starting a new painting—a fresh new canvas, a new beginning every morning.

This kitchen strikes a beautiful balance of white colors with warm wood tones and metal’s cooling effect (another feng shui element). It is simple, unpretentious, and just waiting to be cooked in

05. Black and White


The contrast of black (or dark gray) and white can create a powerful yin-yang dynamic in a kitchen. Like the common yin-yang symbols, which have a small circle of the contrasting color in each teardrop half of the symbol, this kitchen cleverly intersects the colors with the white pottery on the black shelves. Black is associated with the feng shui Water element; white is a color of Metal and provides a balancing force for Water.

06. Red and White


This kitchen makes great use of the bold and bright energy of red. While not always easy to work with, red’s vibrant energy is used here in just the right amount. The color has a strong presence but is not overwhelming. Solid bands of white skillfully tame bold swaths of red, and the overall effect are cooled by metal details throughout.

Red is a color of the Fire element. It is best to avoid pairing it with black or blue, which suppresses the fire’s energy.