The Health and Family Feng Shui Bagua

How would you characterize the health of the people living in your home? Do you have a tense past with your family and friends that still have unresolved issues? If so, addressing the Feng Shui Bagua area of Health and Family could help to ameliorate or resolve the issue. “What?” you enquire. Yes, provided you make use of the elegance and knowledge of feng shui.

The Health and Family gua in the Feng Shui Bagua is linked to our family, including blood relatives and close friends, especially our elders, and the support network they have given via their wisdom and experience. Having family support enables us to overcome obstacles. Our families—in particular, our ancestors—offer a strong basis on which to build. This also applies to being in good health, thus it is mentioned here.

Define Your Feng Shui Goals for Family and Health

  • When: Look closely at the Health and Family gua.
  • There is a major health issue affecting someone in the household, especially one that affects the feet, liver, muscles, or joints.
  • You’re going through an emotional trial because of a family secret or a problem from your youth.
  • You wish to get healthier overall, perform better in sports, or have surgery planned.
  • For a health issue, numerous doctors and treatments have proven useless.
  • It’s time to rekindle the relationship with a close friend or extended family.
  • The family’s eldest son requires further assistance.
  • You desire to more fully tap into your inner resources and family history.
  • You want direction for the course of your life.
  • You ask for further assistance to pursue a long-held goal.

Learn about the feng shui concerns for family and health

Feng Shui can examine your home or place of business when a problem or imbalance in your life occurs to see if there are any environmental elements that could be changed to support a change in the Ch’i energy and, as a result, encourage a more beneficial resolution of the issue.

Despite the fact that this is a very condensed list of circumstances that can call for a Feng Shui adjustment in the Health and Family area, you can begin by focusing on and enhancing:

  • Unused medical supplies or other stuff connected to illnesses
  • The entirety or a portion of the gua is outside the home’s interior.
  • Any needed upkeep on home systems including the HVAC and plumbing
  • Open or obstructed drains in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, etc.
  • The use of a lot of metal or the colors grey or white
  • A wood stove, fireplace, or another fire source
  • Too many hot pinks, oranges, or reds
  • No green or blue, wood, or plants are allowed in the space. Put either in.
  • dead or sickly vegetation, trees, or animals
  • Overhead beams
  • Not a power position for the bed (same procedure to place as the desk)
  • A space that is closed off, unoccupied, or filled with debris
  • The supporting spirit of a certain element of your life is represented by the spaces that have become junk rooms. If the shabby, disorderly state of this room represents the idea of health or family bonds that any of us desire, then it is not the Health and Family gua. It requires cleaning and organization.

De-cluttering for Family and Health

Although I always want to see no clutter for everyone, in this space pay special attention to any debris that might be connected to your health, family, or close friends. Remove these things as soon as you can:

  • Medicine and medical technology that is out-of-date
  • Accumulated medical bills or unnecessary documents
  • Photos of the family that bring up unpleasant recollections, such as those of abusive relatives or former spouses,
  • Too many pictures of the family or old, deteriorating pictures
  • Too many mementos of a deceased loved one was left behind years after their departure.
  • Silk plants or dried flowers that are dusty or at the end of their lifespan

Add a Feng Shui Boost for Family and Health

Intentionally place something in the Health and Family gua that symbolizes your goals and aspirations for this aspect of your life or the particular challenge you are facing. When you enter a space with a clear intention for the particular health and family outcome you desire, you start to shift the energy in your environment to support that outcome in addition to focusing your attention on it. Items that might be suited include:

  • Anything constructed of wood, such as furniture, floors, and accessories
  • Healthy plants of any kind, including cut flowers
  • Colors with blue and green undertones
  • Columns-like shapes, stripes, and tall, “trunk-like” shapes
  • Materials: plants, silk flowers, dried flowers, driftwood, linen, cotton, sticks, straw, and wood.
  • Books containing advice on improving one’s health or physical performance or books about genealogy and family history
  • Wood-based accessories or those featuring plants, trees, or other vegetation items show a healthy lifestyle or strong family bonds.
  • Art or sculpture that features plants, trees, and vegetation of all kinds, or that is mostly blue and green in hue. Other suitable images include ones that show a healthy body or close family ties.
  • An affirmation outlining your ultimate objective in this regard


Highlights of the Feng Shui Consultation: Medical Equipment

Different kinds of medical equipment are prescribed for patients to help with their recuperation. The aged or disabled also employ a variety of equipment to help them go about their daily life. People may be tempted to put these products away “just in case” due to their high cost and relatively low resale value once they have served their purpose. I’ve seen outdated crutches, canes, braces for numerous body parts, and even mechanical stairs in the houses of healthy individuals over the years. They were usually kept “just in case” when people questioned why they were there.