Horse Horoscope Predictions 2022

Cartoon character of a horse in the farm sticker illustration

* The prediction is valid for the year 2022 (the Tiger), beginning on February 1, 2022, and ending on January 21, 2023.

People born under the Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Horse will achieve a harmonious and compatible state with Tai Sui in the Year of the Tiger in 2022, and their fortune in various aspects will improve with the help of the auspicious stars of “Jiang Xing (将星)” and “San Tai(三台)”. 

Even though the Horses will receive a lot of help, they must remain vigilant and vigilant against the ominous stars.

The majority of these ominous stars will have an impact on their emotions and moods. Especially, in 2022, they will have a good overall fortune, and their career fortune will be steadily improving. As long as the Horse guys put in more effort, they will be able to achieve their goals.  


Secondly, People born under the Horse zodiac animal sign will enjoy good health in 2022. However,  their mood and spirit may not be very upbeat. They should adjust and manage their personal emotions. They should avoid visiting the sick and funerals in 2022 to avoid aggravating their own negative emotions.

Love / Relationship 

Subsequently, in 2022, people born under the Horse zodiac animal sign will have an average love and relationship fortune. Moreover, on the one hand, there will be no lucky stars that are favourable for the relationship throughout the year; on the other hand, the Horse men will have a very good career fortune this year, and they will be paying attention to their careers that they will have no time to think about the relationship issue.

Furthermore, the arrival of the ominous star will have a significant impact on the Horses’ relationships and emotions.

As a result, in 2022, the Horse men can strike a good balance between work and personal relationships/love lives. 


People born under the zodiac animal sign of the Horse will have a lot of luck in their careers in 2022, and their careers will develop and improve quickly. The auspicious star of “San Tai” will provide them with excellent opportunities for advancement and salary increases.

If the Horse guys put in more time and effort at work, they will not only be appreciated by their bosses but will also be offered a suitable position and salary.

With the blessings of the auspicious stars of “Jiang Xing,” Horses in higher ranks or positions can develop and enhance their personal leadership to the greatest extent possible. 2022 will be a good year for Horses who want to change careers. They are expected to take action if they have a better career option. 


In 2022, there will be a clear upward trend in the Horse’s financial fortunes. Those in business will have high morale and spirit.” They can implement and complete the plan this year if they want to expand their business scope.

They can also benefit from the auspicious star of “Jiang Xing.” Horsemen who work in personnel-related jobs are more likely to recruit outstanding employees who will help them advance in their careers, resulting in promotions and pay raises.

This year, business people born under the Horse zodiac animal sign should consider international markets.

Horse Luck Predictions for 2022 

  • Lucky Directions: East and South
  • Favourable colours: Red, a colour that has long been associated with good fortune and has been linked to family happiness, strength, and prosperity.
  • Lucky numbers: 2, and 8 
  • Lucky Months: March, May and July in Chinese lunar Months. 
  • Unlucky Month: January and October
  • Lucky element: Fire, which is in tune with the earth but is overshadowed by the element of water. 

Feng Shui Lucky objects: 

  • Tiger Eye Gemstone Money Tree Feng Shui Bonsai: will bring you wealth, prosperity, success, and everything good. Is suitable for chakra crystal healing or home decor. 
  • Feng Shui Gold Chinese Zodiac Tiger: It’s a great gift for birthdays or holidays, and it’ll bring good luck to your home and office.