Hungry Ghost Festival


The Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Chinese Ghost Month (鬼月) or Yu Lan (盂蘭) is a traditional Chinese festival. Chinese people in many countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia, etc celebrate this festival. The Hungry Ghost Festival occur on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month. It is between the months of July to September every year. In 2014, the Hungry Ghost Festival falls between 27th July and 24th August whereas the actual day of the Hungry Ghost Festival is 10th August 2014.

During this month, the gates of hell are open so that many hungry and wayward ghosts come to visit the living world. The spirits spend the month visiting their families, feasting, and looking for victims. The Yin forces are very strong during this period caused yin energies to reach a momentary balance with yang. During the month of Hungry Ghost, it is judicious to be extra cautious when you are out at night, taking extra care when driving, walking in a dark street, or even travelling.

According to Chinese culture, the hungry ghosts or good brethren, known as ancestors of people who were not given a proper funeral or burial. Thus the time of year when hungry ghosts and spirits released from hell roam freely is a very unsafe month. They can cause great misfortune to those whose chi energy is depleted or whose luck is low. So it is a good idea to have more yang energy during this month such as wearing bright color clothes, avoid visiting hospitals, gravesites or attending the funeral.

It is always good to have secure protection during this dangerous month by wearing or carrying protective amulets at all times. Protect your home with incense powder. Incense cleanses the energies in the air. Purification involves dissolving bad energy. More importantly, it will appease the local spirits and hungry ghosts.

What you can do?

Wear the Kalachakra Symbol or Om Mani Padme Hum amulets. The Tibetan seed syllable is very powerful as it encompasses the foundation of all prayers and mantras. Chung Kwei deity being a feared ghost-catcher will protect you against demons, wandering spirits that don’t mean you well. The image of Chung Kwei also famed as an exorcist and is very ominous towards evil spirits. Display one near your entrance facing out to protect your family members. Remember to carry the Nightspot Protection Amulet especially when you go out at late night.

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