Is Fake Plant Decor Beneficial or Harmful Feng Shui?


Many people have to succumb to taking a few shortcuts in order to make our lives easier due to our hectic schedules and long to-do lists. Some of us could be tempted to carry fake plants into our homes or offices due to their comfort and ease of treatment. Is it, however, good or bad Feng shui? This has been a contentious subject for a long time, and many people are still perplexed.

We’ll go over some of the reasons why fake plants aren’t a good idea for your house.

Why Is Using Fake Plants Bad Feng Shui?
  • All-natural green plants are beneficial for boosting energy and purifying the air in a working or living environment. Artificial plants and flowers do not embrace this symbolism of development and a new beginning.
  • Natural plants promote nourishing energy, while artificial green, on the other hand, reflects stagnant energy. It may be a lovely and elegant home decoration, but it does not encourage good qi.
  • Some people say that putting fake plants in your bedroom would attract unsavory love affairs. It may cause discord in married couples and may even necessitate third-party involvement.
  • If you put these fake plants in the living room, you’ll draw people who approach you with ulterior motives.
  • It is also detrimental to our climate, in addition to Feng Shui. The manufacturing of these fake plants pollutes the air, and synthetic materials are difficult to recycle.
For some people, why are fake plants considered good feng shui?

Artificial plants may be a better option than real plants in some situations where natural lighting is limited. A fake plant is often preferable to a true one that is dying or withering.

This is generally the case when a plant will assist in improving the Feng shui of a specific location, such as pointed sharp wall corners.

You must remember to clean these artificial green lushes if you want to use them because they gather dust easily. Aside from that, you may want to consider having those of high quality that looks more normal.