11 Ways to Find True Love Anywhere

11 Ways to Find True Love Anywhere

  1. Be open and friendly

Being open and sociable is the first and most important key to finding your true love anyplace. Most of the time, we are afraid to be ourselves and judge someone before deciding how to act toward them. What’s the point then?


Kindness and consideration are inherently who we are. We all possess it. Take a look at children; they approach everyone with love and curiosity, and because of their genuine nature, everyone likes them. Why did we alter it? First of all, I realize there are nasty individuals in the world, but I firmly believe that kindness is capable of curing any ills.

  1. Be wise

This saying is extremely accurate, which is why I adore it. We need to be careful about the individuals we spend time with because we become like the people we choose to be.

In a way, the people you surround yourself with determine your energy; therefore, if you make sensible choices, you receive positive energy, as opposed to making foolish choices, which could result in you becoming, for instance, more depressed.

Remembering that the crucial individuals matter the most and that you want to feel loved and uplifted rather than sad and dejected, be wise with who you spend time with a while back.


  1. Add some red or pink to your home.

According to Feng Shui, the colors of love, passion, and partnerships are red and pink. These colors will help you and your partner communicate and be passionate in your home. However, avoid using too much red in your home as it can arouse rage and hostility. It only needs a few pops to be effective.

  1. Declutter

As much as you can, purge your home of clutter. A spouse may believe that you don’t want them in your bed if you have too many pillows or teddy animals there. Only the pillows you actually need should be kept. There should be ample room in your bedroom. You should organize your entire home, not just your bedroom. Even though decluttering is not considered part of classical feng shui, many feng shui professionals nonetheless mention it as one of their suggestions for enhancing love and passion. Clutter is a stressor that can have an impact on our mental health, and when the stress gets out of control, patience and tolerance for your partner can substantially decline, which can cause ongoing arguments. Additionally, having less clutter around the house stops couples from yelling at one another to “clean up your stuff!” Couples have one less issue to argue over


  1. Position your bed correctly.

Other feng shui taboos include sleeping with your head under a window and positioning your bed in a corner, which can make you or your partner feel confined. In other words, you or your spouse shouldn’t have to clamber over another person to get on or off the bed. Instead, both sides of the bed should be easily accessible. To prevent one person from taking the less ideal position, arrange your bed properly. This will make getting out of bed less disruptive and will fully prevent any sleep-related issues.

  1. Pick Your Bedroom Art Carefully

Our emotions are profoundly affected by works of art. If you want to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy some bedroom romance, avoid hanging artwork in your room that shows violence, sorrow, or religious imagery (such as angels). Instead, attempt to use pieces of art that represent love, such as a couple kissing, as they can affect your behavior through social proof. In other words, if you observe another couple sharing personal moments, you’ll feel more at ease doing the same.

  1. Eliminate Work from the Bedroom

If the furniture in your bedroom makes you or your partner think about your job, some feng shui experts advise getting rid of it. Due to our persistent need to check our emails, some experts advise against bringing laptops or even smartphones to bed for the same reason. You are less likely to pay your partner any kind of attention if you are preoccupied with work. Additionally, being reminded of work on a daily basis may lead to stress, which will harm romantic relationships in the bedroom.


  1. Bedside furniture ought to be balanced

This advice, like many others on this list, takes a more contemporary feng shui approach. It encourages sentiments of equality and the idea of collaboration when the furniture on both sides of the bed is the same. There isn’t any extra room on the nightstand, and neither side of the bed is particularly preferable. This seems to be one less issue for a couple to argue over, in my opinion.


  1. Take down any family and friend photos from the bedroom.

I believe this is a wonderful suggestion to go by even though it has more to do with contemporary psychology than traditional feng shui. Having pictures of other people, not only your friends and family, can hurt the chemistry in the bedroom. This is due to the fact that most people find it awkward to show affection in public, and having pictures in your room might occasionally make you feel as though people are staring at you.


  1. Don’t have any extra rooms in your bedroom

When I refer to “extra rooms,” I actually mean a living room with a couch or even a bed that is divided by a sliding door or another form of divider (rather than a walking closet). Though it’s uncommon, some experts assert that adding a room to your home invites adultery into your relationship.


  1. Improve privacy in the bedroom

Even while this advice has little to do with traditional feng shui, some people might find it useful. Some people simply find it awkward to express their affection in public. But occasionally sound and sight work together as well. Closing the window or installing stronger doors to provide the privacy that will screen not only sight but sound will boost bedroom romance if your partner is more introverted.