Feng shui bedroom tips to improve your love life

When you live with your significant other, a lot of crucial things happen in the bedroom, like cuddling, binge-watching, and, yes, having sexual relations. Your sleep sanctuary is a private area for a variety of reasons, so it’s crucial to arrange it in a way that makes it most effective for you (and, of course, your relationship).

The space is so significant and telling, according to feng shui expert and author Tisha Morris of Clutter Intervention: How Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck, that she can tell the state of a couple’s relationship just by looking at their bedroom. She advocates designing it to be as arousing as possible because the setting and romantic interactions are so inextricably linked. She says that the bedroom is “the one space in the house that’s dedicated to the love” and that “you really want to construct a sanctuary around the relationship.”

For advice on creating a bedroom that fosters your romantic relationship, read the feng shui-friendly ideas.

  1. Reduce your possessions, or clutter

According to Morris, the bedroom should be used for rest, intimacy, renewal, and sleeping. Anything that prevents that has no business being there: Reduce the number of books and images that are sitting around or being exhibited, and throw away everything related to work or exercise (so, store your WFH desk station elsewhere).


  1. DO makeover your bed

Air out your mattress, flip it over and decorate with warm linens, plush pillows, and a throw rug, ideally in seductive earth tones. If at all feasible, arrange your bed in the middle of the room to promote romance. It should be easily accessible from both sides and ideally not pushed up against the wall.

  1. DO NOT search elsewhere

In Hotel California, mirrors on the ceiling and in front of the bed may be all the rage, but in feng shui, they are not only tacky but also seriously bad karma! Put your looking glass somewhere more covert and leave the kink in the kitchen.

  1. Use symmetry to decorate

Having a nightstand on each side of the bed is essential because a symmetrical space encourages a partnership that is in rhythm, according to Morris. The two parts need not be identical, but they must have equivalent height, weight, and component counts. For instance, both nightstands should have lamps if one does. “If the nightstand is unbalanced, the relationship will also be unbalanced, says the author. The relationship will change immediately if that is corrected right away.


  1. Don’t hang the mirror on the wall

When it comes to sex, there may be a certain temptation to have a mirror in front of (or above?) the bed, but from the standpoint of love, it’s preferable to keep your bedroom devoid of reflections. Morris explains that mirrors “may supply a past energy that has the ability to draw in a third party.” It’s preferable to keep mirrors in other rooms and focus on each other instead because, according to feng shui, they are extremely charged and can cause insomnia.

  1. Carefully select the art

Regardless of your romantic state, the art you hang in your bedroom reflects the vitality you contribute to the world. Morris advises substituting images that speak to your love, such as a #couplesphoto or a shared memory, for images of bustling city views because “in the bedroom, you want to have tranquil, romantic sights.” Avoid pieces of art that feature groups of three, such as three people or three animals, as they may suggest the presence of a third party in the relationship. Avoid any artwork with solo figures if you are single and looking for a relationship.


  1. Avoid leaning a bedside against a wall

In addition to being aggravating for both of you to have to clamber over your partner to get out of bed, having a bed with only one open side can really be a sign of more serious issues. According to Morris, there is a loss of power for the one who sleeps on the [wall] side since their energy must pass through the other person. Equal access is necessary from both sides of the bed.

  1. Don’t maintain a “single” mentality

Replace any pictures of lonely people with sensuous, romantic artwork and images of blissful couples. Couple-dom can also be created by grouping decorations and goods into pairs, such as matching candles or a photograph of a happy couple. Put them on the wall opposite your bed or in the southwest corner of your room. A round mirror, which symbolizes unity, also imparts a sense of fulfillment and fullness to the space.


  1. AVOID stuffing your space with electrical equipment

The TV should be the first thing to go because binge-watching late-night television is a sure-fire way to ruin the romance in your current relationship and guarantee that you won’t get any in the future! So, grab a good book, invest in a battery-operated clock radio, and do away with the electric blanket in favor of a traditional hot water bottle or an additional blanket during the winter.


  1. Recognize the amount of room you’re occupying

According to Morris, the physical space you occupy mirrors the space you take up in your relationship. Since it should be a priority to have equal space in all aspects of your relationship, it could be time for a major closet purge. It’s acceptable if one of you leans more toward minimalism while the other favors maximalism, but it’s crucial that both partners feel fairly represented.


  1. DO make changes to other areas of the house in order to attract love into your life

In the area usually devoted to love and romance, erect a “Relationship Gua,” or sort of shrine. Using your front door as a point of reference, this is the far-right corner of your residence. Again, you may make use of some basic feng shui items like rose quartz crystals, images of happy couples, written affirmations, and jasmine placed around a cozy two-seat couch.