Lucky Feng Shui Color for New Year


In feng shui, we use Eastern astrology systems such as Four Pillars (Ba Zi) and the Nine Star Ki to understand and work with a particular year’s energy. This year, 2021, is the Metal Ox year in the Asian calendar, and in the Nine Star Ki system, we are in an 8 Earth year. Both of these can give us clues as to what kinds of energy we can expect in 2021 and what we might want to invite in to make the most of this year. One of the simplest and most effective ways that we can invite in particular energy is through color. People often ask what the “best” feng shui color is, and the truth is it always depends.

Certain colors are considered most auspicious for particular situations, as well as colors that may be most supportive for you given your personal astrology, personal or cultural associations, and what you’re going through at the moment. We can also consider the cosmic energy that we’re going through on a collective level and which colors are most auspicious given that.

The Luckiest Colors for 2021

When it comes to the luckiest colors for this year, let’s take a look at the elements of this year. Because we’re in a Metal year in the Four Pillars and an Earth year in Nine Star Ki, it can be beneficial to invite more metal and earth energy into your life in 2021. This means adding the colors associated with the metal and earth elements and the colors associated with the elements that support metal and earth. In the five elements system (one of the tools that we use in feng shui), each element interacts with the others in predictable ways, with particular relationships between elements that can be supportive or destructive. The element that supports metal is earth, and the element that supports earth is fire, so we’ll want to look at colors associated with those three elements: metal, earth, and fire.

There are many ways to work with this year’s lucky colors. You can decorate with them in your home or office, or you can even wear them in the form of clothes or jewellery. When you’re surrounded by colors that support the elements of this year, you can expect extra support and good fortune from the cosmos!

Here’s a list of lucky Feng Shui color for 2021 and suggestions on including them in your life.

Metal Element

The metal element is related to movement, joy, completion, and heavenly energy. The Feng shui colors connected to the metal element are white, metallic colors (think silver, bronze, gold, rose gold) and greys.

  • Refresh your white walls with a new coat of paint.
  • Splurge on a new set of organic white linens and surround yourself with the metal element.
  • Update your everyday set of plates with clean white to offset your colorful meals.
  • Keep a vase of fresh white flowers in your home to invite joy and beauty.
Metallic Colors
  • Choose metal frames to highlight your favourite art.
  • Brass planters or coasters add a fun, glamorous touch.
  • Wear some of your favourite metal jewellery, even if you’re just around the house
  • Gray painted walls, doors, and mouldings invite elegance and joy.
  • Smoky quartz protects and transmutes negative energies.
  • Wear your grey hair with pride!
Earth Element

Earth is related to self-care, stability and practical support. The Feng Shui color that invokes the earth element are earthy yellows, oranges, browns, and other neutral tones.

  • Dark brown wood furniture can invite stability.
  • Wicker baskets help contain and support.
  • Brown wooden plant stands to create stability and support for your plant friends.


Earthy Oranges
  • Terra cotta planters add more grounded energy.
  • Citrine crystals as decorations or jewellery invite support and abundance.
  • Soft pouffes or pillows in rich orange or rust invite you to rest.
  • Rugs in earthy, cheerful yellow ground your home.
  • A new set of pale yellow organic linens for your bed to invite support.
  • Buy yourself fresh yellow flowers as a reminder to focus on self-care.
Fire Element

Fire is connected to inspiration, passion, and recognition. Feng shui color relates to the fire element are reds and bright, fiery oranges.

  • Red throw pillows or blankets add a bold pop to your living room.
  • Try a new set of red bed linens to invoke passion.
  • Wear bold red lipstick to get noticed!
Fiery Oranges
  • Uplift your kitchen counter with a bowl of fresh oranges.
  • Add artwork with vivid orange accents to your home office for inspiration in your career.
  • Try wearing orange socks or underwear for a more subtle hint of fire.