The peacock’s significance and applications in feng shui

When most people consider feng shui, they immediately picture shifting their furniture. Additionally, they believe it has to do with mirrors. This is partially accurate, however, there is a tonne of other aspects to this traditional Chinese ritual. Feng Shui’s fundamental purpose is to integrate the inner and outward worlds of our homes. Similar techniques to generate excellent qi, also known as life force energy, in built environments were developed by civilizations all across the world.

Feng shui has a strong link to nature and aspires to help people live harmoniously with it. Animals, plants, and flowers are included in this. The peacock is a bird that represents grace, honor, and good qi. Learn everything there is to know about the peacock’s symbolism and how to apply it to feng shui and your home.


Feng Shui Peacock Symbolism and Meaning

The peacock is a magnificent bird with a distinctive and lovely tail feather. Their colorful, iridescent “trains,” which have numerous “eyes,” are extravagant and eye-filled. Since ancient times, China has raised them.

The peacock has come to stand for grace and beauty in feng shui. It is without a doubt a visually attractive bird, therefore it makes sense that it has a connection to beauty. The peacock’s association with dignity stems from the fact that peacock feathers were given to civil servants in the Chinese Imperial Courts. They were therefore symbols of achievement, riches, and significance.

The peacock is a representational animal associated with Manjushri and the compassionate bodhisattva Quan Yin (the bodhisattva of wisdom). In feng shui, the graceful peacock is also seen as a bird that resembles the phoenix. One of the four celestial animals associated with the South is the enigmatic phoenix. This route has to do with your notoriety, standing, and wealth.

How to Use the Peacock in Your Home

The majestic peacock can be incorporated in a variety of ways into the feng shui of your home. If the peacock appeals to you as a special auspicious emblem, you can find lovely artwork in any style. On a variety of textiles, items, works of art, and more, the peacock design can be seen.

Additionally, you might decorate your home with real peacock feathers. Just make sure to do your homework so you can find feathers that were harvested responsibly and compassionately.


Turn on the Fire Element.

The five elements are used in feng shui to guide practice. Fire is one of the five elements. Fire is associated with your success, your enthusiasm, and your visibility. Like the phoenix, the peacock symbol can be employed in your home to strengthen the fire element. Placing a peacock image or feather in the South corner of your house or land is one technique to achieve this.


Get More Recognition

A peacock is best described as being visible. Because of their mesmerizing brilliance, everyone is drawn to them. Work with the peacock sign if you want to be seen more in your life. This could be useful if you want to be noticed more at work or school, or perhaps if you want to catch the attention of potential romantic interest.

To increase your visibility, try including the peacock symbol in your bedroom. As an alternative, you might put a peacock feather on your hat or wear peacock feather earrings.


Boost Compassion

The goddess of compassion is Quan Yin. Look to Quan Yin if you want to become more compassionate and more receptive to receiving compassion from others. The peacock’s symbol can then be used to further accentuate your Quan Yin statue (or other work of art). Quan Yin has even been shown in images that resemble peacocks. Her manifestation is thought to have a thousand arms (and eyes) to help with all the suffering in the world. Placing your Quan Yin and peacock in your meditation space or bedroom might be extremely beneficial.


Gain More Wisdom

Another association between the peacock and Manjushri, a Buddhist bodhisattva of knowledge and wisdom There may be sculptures or works of art that show this deity. By hanging a picture of Manjushri with a peacock in your home, you can boost your desire to gain more wisdom and insight. You can put this in your workspace or meditative space.


Use of the Peacock Symbol and Location for Good Feng Shui

All of us enjoy adding lovely decorations to our houses, such as crystals, wall paintings, and ornaments. So why not try using a peacock sign to call luck your way?


  1. Place the peacock symbol in the living room

You might show a peacock image in the living hall as opposed to paintings of fierce animals that signify aggressive energy. It stands for peace and harmony within families. However, it would be ideal if you hung the painting with the inside of the house facing out instead of the outside.

  1. Location in Your Workspace

At the southwest corner of the workstation or workplace, you can put the peacock or Phoenix. It increases the likelihood of career success and fosters the development of a solid reputation. That will eventually lead to you having more opportunities.

Placement and Symbolism of Peacock Feathers

The peacock feather is frequently thought of as a lucky charm that bestows protection and luck on its wearer. Additionally, this bird carries a lot of positive symbolism in Chinese culture, including beauty, eternal love, serenity, and royalty.

You can put the feather in their books or on their study table if you are a parent worried about your kids’ academic performance. Additionally, you can use these feathers to decorate your car to denote safety and protection. Finally, many people carry the feathers with them when they travel abroad because they think they can fend off evil spirits.


Alternative Views on Peacock Feathers

In addition to the Feng Shui aspect of the narrative, peacock feathers can be used to keep reptiles like lizards, snakes, etc. away from your home. To create the desired look, place 2 to 3 feathers at your front door.