Advice on Feng Shui for Pets

Every family that owns pets values having them, therefore include some feng shui pet ideas in your home. These changes will maintain good chi for both your family and your pets.

Practical Feng Shui Advice for Pets

Animals can be affected by chi energy just like people and plants can. Animals are often frequently the first sign that the chi energy in your home is stagnant or that certain components need to be stimulated or are either overactive or need to be.

Chi-negative symptoms

Your pet may be a sign of bad chi, particularly stagnant chi. “I usually ask clients where their pets like to sleep and relax, and if there are areas in which they may be acting up, not traveling into, or avoiding,” writes author and pet feng shui expert Paula Brown. She continues, “In multi-animal houses when the chi is not circulating effectively, there is frequently tension between the animals and this generates bad altercations. Many animals avoid places of stagnant chi energy flow.”

Animals and Bad Chi

Having a pet at home typically creates lucky yang energy. According to Paula, an animal with balanced chi energy will spread that energy throughout its surroundings, benefiting both people and animals.


Animal Having Unbalanced Chi Energy

Likewise, if your pet is surrounded by bad chi as a result of a medical ailment, it may cause a chi imbalance in your house. Paula continues, “Some pets chew on themselves due to emotional responses to energetic imbalances. An animal that has a physical or emotional ailment that remains untreated can result in numerous behavioral difficulties.” There may be a chi imbalance in your home or the animal if it exhibits especially sensitive behavior or responds differently to noise, change, and new visitors.

The following are some signs of chi imbalance:

  • A lot of barking
  • Unfounded apprehensions
  • Making marks inside the house
  • Ignoring the cat box
  • Reluctance to go for walks
  • Not using the outdoor restroom

Animals Adopted from Shelters and Chi

Adopting a pet from a shelter requires pet owners to keep in mind that the animals have both good and bad experiences. With a little observation, attentive assistance in restoring balance to their life’s guas (sectors), and additional caution with any bad chi, Paula counsels, “Negative chi may be transformed into loving and helpful chi.”


Positive Chi Emerges from Negative Chi

These animals frequently suffered cruelty at the hands of prior owners, which throws their chi off balance. All animals have wonderful, cheerful energy when they are born; it is only through their experiences that they acquire any negative energy, according to Paula.

Pet Feng Shui Remedies

There are various feng shui remedies for pets that you can try if you decide to adopt one from a shelter. Paula came up with what she refers to as “fun and creative fur Shui remedies” just for this kind of imbalance. She recommends:

  • Set a water bowl directly inside the entrance door, either in silver or black.
  • Give the animal ownership of a nice life path energy by writing their name on a little black octagon and placing it on the bottom of the bowl.
  • A lovely collar with pink on it is a terrific option for any kind of animal. Pink is a lucky color for yang energy.
  • For more chi energy related to love and relationships, place the pet’s bed in the love sector (southwest).

Animals and Good Chi

Pets typically exhibit good chi habits and are affectionate. This is comparable to how pleasant, loving chi energy is expressed by people. “Positive chi is exhibited by amazing health, strong and flexible bodies, a great hunger, enthusiasm and curiosity in life, and a desire to participate with other animals and people,” Paula adds in describing how a pet will react.


Bringing Home, a New Pet

There are techniques to ascertain how the energies of the new animal are influencing the energies of the older animal when bringing a new pet into the home. You can show your new animal to the residents of the east sector. This is where families hang out in BTB (Black Hat). This sector would be the descendant’s luck sector in the west sector according to classical feng shui. Add a dash of green to both new and current pets with a scarf or collar, Paula says. This color is designated for the east sector and will stimulate while also calming the animals.


Using Feng Shui to Find Love

Pet owners can use a few feng shui concepts to encourage harmonious interactions between all of their animals. Paula suggests putting all of the pet beds, toys, and treats in the area to the east. They will feel more a part of a community as a result of this. Your pets will like playing in the northwest area very much. According to BTB Feng Shui and Classical Feng Shui, this is the helpful people and travel sector.

Pet Bed Position Do’s

  • Use a mat, bed, or rug to create a particular area for your pet.
  • Clean up your pet’s “area.” Regularly shake out his or her bed or rug.
  • For cleanliness, replace the pet bed every one to two years.
  • Place your pet’s bed away from opening and shutting doors, against a solid wall.
  • Put your dog’s bed on the side of the home away from the garage or front door.
  • Cats are of the wood element; thus, bedding should be in shades of blue, black, or green. For your cat’s bedding, avoid red.
  • Dogs should not be allowed around white baskets because they are an Earth element.


Pet Bed Position Don’ts

  • Keep your pet free from cages, which restrict the flow of energy and produce negative qi throughout the home.
  • Avoid placing heavy items above or behind your pet’s bed, such as cupboards, shelves, and lighting, in case they trip and fall.
  • Never put your pet’s bed in a corner or next to a window. In certain places, qi is stagnant.
  • Keep water elements away from your pet’s bed. Elements of water disrupt sleep.
  • At the end of a long corridor, avoid placing your dog’s bed directly across from an open door. Qi can move out the door and away from the bed.
  • Use natural bedding instead of synthetic bedding. Instead, choose natural materials.


Feng Shui Tips for Pets: Including Them in Your Lifestyle

You can counteract bad chi energy once you are aware of the symptoms to watch for in your pet. Your furry best pals can coexist in harmony with one another with the help of a few feng shui suggestions for animals.