Phoenix and Dragon Symbol in Feng Shui


Phoenix and Dragon

Combining the dragon and the phoenix symbols is a common way in feng shui to attract the energy of harmonious communication.

The dragon and phoenix together are a classic prescription, but they are by no means the only ways to promote good marriage.

The Dragon symbolism in Feng Shui 


Phoenix Dragon Tattoo Flash

Traditional feng shui considers the dragon’s energy to be extremely powerful. Almost all traditional feng shui applications (particularly office and business feng shui) include the dragon symbol in some way.

The dragon represents the true Yang part of the Yin-Yang energy of the dragon and phoenix couple.

TIP: What is Feng Shui school?

Feng shui may have only five elements, but there are dozens of schools. Feng shui schools are similar to design principles in that they aim to achieve a goal through function and form. Those objectives are entirely up to the school’s “creator.”

NOTE: Since this dragon energy has different meanings in different cultures, consider your own conscious (or unconscious) impressions about it before deciding if this is the best feng shui cure for you and your home.


The Phoenix symbolism in Feng Shui 

 In feng shui, the Phoenix is the queen of all bird symbols and the most revered. Beauty, inspiration and genuine grace in Chinese folklore (feminine yin qualities) represent the mythical phoenix. 

As a result, the Phoenix is the ideal Yin counterpart to the dragon’s Yang energy. 

How to together use the Dragon and Phoenix 

In most depictions, the dragon and the phoenix form a circle of two energies, resembling the traditional yin-yang symbol. 

This symbol combination is one of the most powerful motifs in all Chinese imperial designs, and many Chinese are still using it in clothing, jewellery, and a variety of home decor accessories.

Since the dragon and the Phoenix are mythical creatures, they can be depicted in various ways to suit the artistic vision of different artists and conjure up specific associations. Use a sculpture or a painting/illustration of the pair for feng shui purposes.

The best place for the dragon and Phoenix as a feng shui love cure is in your home bagua’s love and marriage area (this is the southwest area if you follow the classical feng shui school or the upper right area if you follow the BTB feng shui school).