Predictions of Zodiac Pig 2023

2031, 2019, 2007, 1995, 1983, 1971, 1959, and 1947 are all pig years. Every twelve years, there is a Pig year.

In Chinese zodiac culture, the Pig is represented by a round, chubby face and represents riches, happiness, honesty, and practicality. Many money pots (Chinese piggybanks) are shaped like pigs because people think that invoking the pig will bring them financial luck. In the Chinese zodiac, the Pig is the twelfth animal sign. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig are the twelve zodiac signs.

  • Chinese: 猪年 (Zhū nián ‘Pig year’)
  • Earthly branch: 亥 (hài 12th of 12)
  • Representing hours: 9–11pm
  • Yin/yang: yin

Chinese Zodiac Pigs’ Personality

Pigs are tenacious, kind, and generous. They are extremely focused, and once they have a goal, they will exert all of their effort to accomplish it. Pigs rarely ask for assistance, but they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Pigs are simple targets since they never recognize deceit.

In general, Pigs are not overly anxious in stressful situations. Pigs are capable of handling issues appropriately and thoughtfully, regardless of how challenging they may be. They feel a strong feeling of obligation to complete the task at hand.

Pig Lucky & Unlucky Aspects


Lucky Numbers: 8, 5 and 2

Lucky Colors: Brown, Gold, Yellow and Gray

Lucky Dates: 14th and 17th of each Chinese Lunar Month

Lucky Directions: Southwest and East

Lucky Flowers: Daisy and Hydrangea

Lucky Months: 11t, 10th, 7th and 2nd Chinese Lunar Months


Unlucky Numbers: 7 and 1

Unlucky Colors: Green, Blue and Red

Unlucky Directions: Southeast

Unlucky Months: 12th, 9th and 4th Chinese Lunar Months


Pig Chinese Horoscope 2023: Predictions Overview

Pig For those who are natives of the Pig sign, the year 2023 is expected to be lucky and blissful. This year, you will receive everything for which you have waited. You only need to keep pushing forward and keep your sights on your goal, and you’ll succeed. You are also cautioned not to give up if you fail. “Fall seven times, stand up eight,” as the saying goes. Stay optimistic, and everything will work itself out.

According to Pig Chinese horoscope for 2023, it’s still possible to change your life for the better. You control your fate, and choosing the appropriate path will help you reach your goals. You will experience progress and success throughout the majority of the year, so be willing to accept change. You must have confidence in your skills and refuse to accept negative feedback from others. Make your fantasies come true and astound everyone!


Bring Wealth and Prosperity in 2023 with Pig Feng Shui Remedies

The Sagin Pixiu, commonly referred to as the “money-drawing beast,” is a legendary being in Chinese folklore that is thought to bestow luck and fortune upon its possessors. It is frequently shown as a strong and powerful creature with the body of a dragon, deer-horned antlers, and hooves of a horse or ox. The Sagin Pixiu is frequently used as a fortunate charm or decorative item to draw luck in Feng Shui since it is connected to wealth and prosperity.

Sagin Pixiu bracelets are thought to have the same wealth-attracting qualities as the mythological creature itself in terms of Feng Shui. These bracelets are worn as a good luck charm and a sign of wealth, and they are believed to assist the bearer to find success and wealth.

The Mandarin Ducks may be used by the Pig to create a caring environment that improves romance and relationship quality. Those who were born in the Year of the Pig might put a money frog statue in their office or house to boost their chances of becoming wealthy in 2023.

A Feng Shui Green Color Money Frog (also known as a Money Toad or Three-Legged Wealth Frog) will also bring you luck and riches. The Money Frog is typically portrayed as a little, green, three-legged frog holding a coin in its jaws. Those who keep it in their residence or place of business are thought to benefit from good fortune and financial success.

There are several Feng Shui applications for the Money Frog. The far left corner of the room, facing the entry, is the wealth region of your house or workplace and is a popular location for the Money Frog. This is thought to draw prosperity and riches into your life. It’s also thought that keeping a Money Frog on your desk or in your workspace will assist you attract prosperity and wealth.

Pig Love Horoscope 2023: Love Horoscope 2023 For Chinese Pig

According to the 2023 Pig Love Horoscope, you must leave a good first impression on your significant other and maintain passion in your union. Romantic actions will make your lover pleased and go a long way toward fostering a closer bond between you two. To make your loved one feel special and loved, remind them of how much they mean to you and surprise them occasionally, advises the Pig Chinese Horoscope for 2023.

The beginning of their fairytale will begin when the single Pig locals find the mate they have been looking for. To the contrary, take your time to comprehend your spouse and their wants. Don’t jump into anything. More time should be spent getting to know your companion.

The alignment of the stars predicts a suitable moment for married couples to start a family in 2023, according to the Pig Chinese horoscope. The married locals may even decide to arrange a trip together, which would strengthen their relationship.

Pig Compatibility

Most: Rabbit, Goat and Tiger

Least: Snake


Pig Career and Finance Horoscope 2023: Career and Finance Horoscope 2023 For Chinese Pig

Those who were born in the year of the pig are typically disciplined, honest, kind, calm, quick-witted, and thirsty for information. The Pig has the best financial luck of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs. Their chances of success are higher regardless of the employment they pursue.

However, the Pig tends to lack patience and is poor at managing riches, making employment in finance less suited for those born in the Pig years. Pigs are best suited for jobs in the fields of education, transportation, art, music, beauty, fashion, and catering.

According to the 2023 Chinese Horoscope for the Pig sign, those who own or operate a partnership business may have trouble turning a profit. Those locals operating a business alone this year should also refrain from growing it, as doing so could result in them overstretching their resources and creating future financial issues.

It is suggested that natives of Pig watch their spending. This year, limit your spending to necessities and stay away from fancy products. Also, according to the Pig Chinese Horoscope for 2023, search for additional sources of income that will come to your aid in times of need.