Auspicious Animal

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  • Bird

    Bird (45)

    Bird is synonymous with good fortune, opportunity, and luck in Asian cultures. In feng shui, the phoenix is also one of the four celestial animals.
  • Boar

    Boar (52)

    Display the Feng Shui boar in the Southeast direction of your house or business place to draw wealth luck.
  • Bug & Insect

    Bug & Insect (19)

    The bug has been a long-time good luck symbol in the Western world. It isn't surprising this beneficial insect found its way into the Western culture's move to embrace feng shui along with bug luck.
  • Camel

    Camel (8)

    In Feng Shui, it is believed that a single-humped camel helps stabilize income and safeguard wealth, while a two-humped camel provides support to overcome financial difficulties.
  • Crane

    Crane (11)

    The crane is a bird that is probably second only to the phoenix in feng shui symbolism. Most often in greetings meant to wish for and convey longevity.
  • Deer

    Deer (6)

    The name deer in Chinese sounds like the word for wealth and prosperity. It is a symbol of a long and prosperous life so use your deer figurine in the East section of your home.
  • Dog

    Dog (61)

    Always the honest and faithful one, the Dog will be with you through thick and thin and be there when you need him the most.
  • Elephant

    Elephant (64)

    The elephant is a revered symbol in many cultures, as they are the largest living land mammals. In feng shui, they represent strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck!
  • Horse

    Horse (103)

    n classical feng shui applications, the image of the horse brings the energy of success, fame, freedom, and speed.
  • Monkey

    Monkey (42)

    The monkey is one of the 12 Chinese astrology animal signs. Those with this sign are very social and make great friends.
  • Other Animals

    Other Animals (4)

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  • Ox

    Ox (49)

    Element luck for the Ox shows promise, but there is work to be done on your confidence and determination. Success luck is good and life force is fine.
  • Rabbit

    Rabbit (37)

    The symbol of Rabbit brings you good luck, happiness, and a good relationship. For those of you who intend to have many children, you can place the symbol of rabbit in your bedroom.
  • Rat

    Rat (44)

    Rat saw it as a sign of wealth. The rat has a large number of offspring, so they're associated with plenty. As a small-business owner, that's got to be a good omen.
  • Rhinoceros

    Rhinoceros (42)

    In Feng Shui, the symbol of Rhinoceros is a powerful animal to protect against fighting, robbery, stealing, accidents caused by the Violent 7 Flying Star.
  • Rooster

    Rooster (59)

    Feng shui rooster symbols can be used to activate your health and prosperity luck sectors. The rooster is an auspicious feng shui symbol with several meanings of prosperity, good luck, and specific feng shui applications for professional and career protection.
  • Sheep

    Sheep (41)

    The Sheep, Goat or Ram, which is a symbol of business intelligence and calmness, is the eighth animal in the Chinese horoscope cycle.
  • Snake

    Snake (30)

    The snake is a symbol of beauty, romance, and passion. The symbol of the snake is also believed to bring about elements of intelligence, charm, and determination.
  • Tiger

    Tiger (44)

    Tiger Symbolic Meaning. The white tiger is the celestial guardian of the west compass direction. This direction rules the luck and prosperity of your descendants.