Bagua & Mirror

The Feng Shui Bagua Mirror is a round mirror surrounded by an octagonal frame with the Feng Shui Bagua design. It is a traditional Feng Shui cure commonly used for protection against the most malignant type of energies – the killing energy or Shar Chi generated from ‘poison arrows’ directed to your house, shop, or building. At its best, this kind of killing Chi could result in arguments, depression, and minor misfortunes, and at its worst brings severe sickness, mishaps, accidents, and even death in the household if it is not promptly dealt with. Baguas are also used to also repel evil spirits and people with bad intentions towards you. Bagua mirrors can be designed as concave or convex mirrors for different ways of manipulating the outside energies of negative quality. A Concave Bagua is used to absorb Shar Chi and preventing it from entering the house whilst a Convex Bagua deflects and reflects all harmful chi away. As this may harm your neighbors and immediate surroundings, great care must be taken before installing a Convex Bagua. Please note that the Bagua mirrors should never be used inside a home.

Mirrors are potent Feng Shui ornaments that not only have the ability to absorb your troubles and turn them into opportunities and positive outcomes but also have the power to capture auspicious chi. They are also traditionally used for space clearing, protecting against people of bad intention, dissolving bad chi, turning enemies into friends, attracting new love into one’s life, and bringing good luck. The mirror uses the reflection of rays for space clearing and the great part is that it will continuously clear the space automatically. It is therefore excellent for premises and houses where energy is bad due to bad Feng Shui or Flying Stars.

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