The celestial Dragon is the ultimate good luck symbol and is thus central to the practice of Feng Shui. This wonderful creature symbolizes the Vital Life Force as the Cosmic Breath of Life or Cosmic Chi (energy). It is this Breath of Life that energizes all things, animate and inanimate alike. The Dragon is often depicted as playing with a fiery ball symbolizing this Vital Life Force and at the center of the ball of fire can be found the precious Pearl of Success which in turn symbolizes the purest of energies.

Little wonder then that the image of the dragon has been suggested for thousands of years as a remedy where courage, enthusiasm, and positive results are needed. Inviting one or more Dragons into your home or place of work is a great symbolic gesture. It is a great motivator resulting in dynamic action and great achievements, energizing an area of your life that may be obstructed and in need of revitalization. A Dragon properly placed will stimulate the flow of harmonious and prosperous Cosmic Chi into your life.

Feng Shui Dragons come in many shapes, sizes, colors and crafted from many different materials. As Dragons can symbolize water and water symbolizes money, the best colors for dragons would be either the color of water (black, blue) or the color of money (green or gold), or the color of vitality and energy (red). Based on the 5 Elements Wu Xing theory, Dragons made of wood or carved on furniture should be placed on the East side or corner of the home or office. The East is considered the home of the dragon and is itself associated with the element Wood. Avoid putting a metal Dragon in the East as the Metal element destroys the Wood element. Dragons made of crystal or semi-precious stones or used to decorate vases or bowls would be best displayed in the Southwest or Northeast where the Earth element would be enhanced.

Displaying a Dragon in any part of your home or business premise is auspicious as it represents ultimate Feng Shui for the well-being of the entire family or business. You can place the Dragon according to the 8 Aspirations Trigrams, Flying Stars Feng Shui, or your lucky Kua directions based on the 8 Mansion Life Kua. If you want to place the Dragon in the bedroom, remember to pair it up with the phoenix, as the Dragon by itself is too yang for a place of rest, but together with the phoenix, they become the ultimate Feng Shui symbol of conjugal harmony.

Of course, being a celestial creature, the Dragon must be accorded utmost respect and thus should not be placed in low-energy areas such as toilets, bathrooms, and garages.

May the Force of the Dragon be with you, showering you with blessings of good Health, Abundant Wealth, Happy Relationships, and Career Success.

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