Feng Shui Fame

Feng Shui Symbols to Improve Fame, Recognition and Authority Lucks.

Contrary to what it sounds, applying Feng Shui to enhance Fame and Recognition isn’t really about becoming a high profile celebrity recognized all over the world – this has indeed happened for some people. It is more about having a good name and reputation and being recognized and rewarded for your work and expertise. Let’s face it, your career or business would be stuck in the doldrums if your bosses or clients do not think very highly of you. And yes, Feng Shui can be used to enhance your social standing and reputation which will eventually lead to success, wealth, and happiness. As with Feng Shui for other aspirations, Feng Shui for Fame also involves decluttering, good lighting and ventilation, displaying effective symbols in the best locations, knowing your good directions, and updating yourselves on auspicious or hostile flying stars so that remedial actions can be taken. The idea is to surround yourself with healthy, fresh energy in the home or place of work as this energized aura will attract the fame and recognition you deserve.

For the Chinese as well as in many cultures, having a good name and reputation is probably one of the most important qualities of a person. When you have a reputation for being capable, honorable, honest, trustworthy, and loyal, success and happiness will bound to follow. Most of us need a certain level of fame and recognition to achieve success in our lives. If you work in an office, you would need some recognition and acknowledgment from your superiors to be promoted. If you were a singer or writer you will need a certain amount of fame and recognition for your work to be sold. Feng Shui has numerous tips and cures to boost your image and people’s perception of you. Practical measures such as removing clutter and making sure the main entrance is well lit are basic and good Feng Shui practices. However, one of the simplest and easy Feng Shui tips to up your Fame and Recognition index is to boost the South sector of your home or office with Feng Shui Symbols of Fame such as red items, fire dragons, or horses. Place your favorite Feng Shui Fame & Recognition symbols in appropriate areas of your home or office and carry amulets to attract and harness such chi. You may just be rewarded with that promotion or contract you have been eyeing for some time!

Here are some Feng Shui Symbols for Fame such as Dragons, Eagles, Horses, Ruyi, Amulets which can help you create strong auspicious chi for yourself as well as your home and place of work. Browse through and get one (or more) to attract fame and recognition and ultimately success and happiness into your life.

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