Feng Shui Fertility

Feng Shui to attract Fertility, Descendant, and Children Luck.

Many of us are aware that using Feng Shui can be used to attract wealth, health recognition, harmony, and love into your life, but did you know that it can help with Fertility too? Yes, Feng Shui can be another tool in your fertility arsenal if you are trying to conceive. As fertility is such a delicate thing because it can be affected so easily, Feng shui can help by creating a more balanced, harmonious, and relaxed environment for conception to occur. As with Feng Shui for other aspirations, Feng Shui for Fertility also require having your home free of clutter, well lit and ventilated, displaying effective symbols in the best locations, knowing your good directions, and updating yourselves on auspicious or hostile flying stars so that remedial actions can be taken. The idea is to encourage healthy, fresh energy in the home so that conception can happen effortlessly and naturally.

Infertility affects many couples and the toll it takes on relationships can be damaging. A child brings new life, joy, and laughter as well as a sense of completion to those hoping to start a family. Although medical advances have been made in this area, many couples want to take a more proactive stance in helping themselves start a family. This is where Feng Shui can come in. Feng Shui has numerous tips and cures to generate more “Baby Chi” in your home. Practical measures such as removing clutter and making sure the main entrance or front door of the home is not blocked are basic and good Feng Shui practices. However, one of the simplest and easy Feng Shui tips to create a ‘fertility friendly’ environment is to surround yourself with Feng Shui Symbols of Fertility such as a pair of elephants, dragons, pomegranates, or pictures of children or baby animals. Place your favorite Feng Shui fertility-enhancing symbols in appropriate areas of your home or office and carry amulets to attract and harness such chi. You may just be rewarded with the pitter-patter of little feet at home in the near future!

Here are some Feng Shui Fertility Symbols such as Elephants, Pomegranates, Auspicious Animals with Children, Amulets, and Crystal Products which can help you create strong auspicious chi for yourself as well as your home. Browse through and get one (or more) to help you and your partner fulfill the dream of starting a family soon.

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