10mm Crocodile Skin Crystal Bracelet with Money Bag Charm

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Wear the 10mm Crocodile Skin Crystal Bracelet with Money Bag Charm for greater harmony, good health, and prosperity in your life!


This gorgeous piece features 10mm Crocodile Skin crystal beads accented with a silver Fish and an adorable dangling Money Bag charm strung on tough elastic cord, resulting in a stunning bracelet imbued with healing, good fortune, and wealth attracting properties.

Money bags, much like wealth pots, have long been used to represent wealth and power. In ancient times, the wealthy in China would carry these small bags made of expensive and ornate fabric as a status symbol. Even landform in the shape of a money bag is considered auspicious by Feng Shui masters – a good example being the vibrant and prosperous Hong Kong Harbor. A money bag, when full of gold ingots, coins, and precious jewels to signify accumulation of wealth symbolizes never-ending good fortune and wealth.

The Chinese regard Fish as a symbol that represents wealth attainment, abundance, success, prosperity, and good fortune because of the sound of it in Chinese – ‘Yu’ which means surplus. 

Crocodile Skin crystal is so named due to its unique veins which resemble the skin of the ferocious reptile. This stone is believed to offer protection to its wearer by warding off evil, human as well as supernatural.

Besides being a gorgeous accessory, the 10mm Crocodile Skin Crystal Bracelet with Money Bag Charm is a Feng Shui lucky amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with Crocodile Skin crystal and the Money Bag & Fish symbols. Wear it for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater harmony, good health, and prosperity into your life!

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This item will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

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