2/7 Ho Tu Mirror for Money Luck


This is the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror which brings the luck of wealth to the North East, helping to offset some of the negative stars in that location.

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This is an exquisite Mirror comprising a gold plated round disc with one side featuring the Ox and Tiger surrounded by ingots, coins, and gold bars whilst the other side has a shiny reflective surface encircled with powerful mantras. The polished gold handle is embellished with a glorious gold ball chain tassel. This is the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror which brings the luck of wealth to the North East, helping to offset some of the negative stars in that location.

Ho Tu numbers are the four pairs of numbers placed in a certain manner in the Flying Chart which represent the Yin (even numbers) and Yang (odd numbers) energies combinations of the five elements. These pairings only occur once in a while and when they do, the special sectors housing such combinations are extremely auspicious.

In 2014, the pairing the of yearly Flying Stars and the Period 8 Stars result in all four Ho Tu numbers combinations appearing in the annual Flying Star Chart. They are located in the North East, South, West, and North. This means that those with Horoscope signs associated with these sectors have great potential to improve the specific types of luck associated with the Ho Tu. For instance, North East is the Ox and Tiger’s home sector, and the 2/7 Ho Tu it houses is associated with good money luck. This means that in 2014, those born in the signs of the Ox and Tiger can expect to receive a financial windfall of some kind.

2014 and Period 8 Flying Star Chart

Ho Tu
Benefit Directly
Benefit Indirectly
Type of Luck
North East
Ox, Tiger
Financial Windfall
Snake, Sheep
Power & Authority
Monkey, Dog
Academic Achievement
Pig, Ox
Business Success


If the sector, containing the Ho Tu combination is properly activated, it will bring tremendous luck. Display the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the North East to amplify the good fortune of big wealth and money from this Ho Tu combination as well as to negate the violent energies of the #7 Robbery Star which flies into this sector in 2014. The Tiger and Ox whose home palace is in the North East, benefit the most from activating this Ho Tu Combination and should carry these mirrors with them.

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