3 Harmony Animals Amulet Keychain


Carrying 3 Harmony Animals Amulet Keychain will help to pacify tempers, dispel conflict, promote harmony among colleagues or family members, and enhance relations in business.


This beautiful Feng Shui amulet consists of three mythical animals or the three Harmony warriors, namely the Eight Legged Lion, Fur Bearing Fish and the Makara Dragon.

The Eight Legged Lion is the union of a garuda and a lion. It has the body of a lion and two wings. This creature brings forth good relations and harmony. The Fur Bearing Fish is the son of a fish and otter. It has body of a fish, but with an otter’s fur. It bestows calmness and tranquility, preventing quarrels and fight, and brings better relations in business. The Makara Dragon is a strange looking animal believed to be the son of a snail and a crocodile, and some say crocodile, dragon and snake. Its body is firm like a snail shell and its tail forms entwined pattern. It protects against anger and attracts positive energy of harmony.

These three Feng Shui animals together keep very harmful jealousy vibes and hostility under control. Carrying it will help to pacify tempers, dispel conflict, promote harmony among collegues or family members, and to enhance relations in business.

They form a powerful cure against the #3 Quarrelsome Star which brings disputes, misunderstanding and quarrels. At its worst, the #3 star can escalate into bitter and protracted lawsuits, and may even manifest as physical violence and crime.

Every horoscope sign should carry the 3 Harmony Animals Amulet in the year of the Dragon 2024.

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