5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell


This 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell Feng Shui cure is specially designed to suppress the #5 Yellow Flying Star which brings accidents, financial loss, and misfortunes.

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This is a lovely 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell made from 7 types of high-grade metal with a miniature replica of the five-element pagoda as its handle. The surface of the bell is engraved with 8 auspicious objects and a powerful mantra. The 8 auspicious symbols which are conch, vase, wheel, lotus, canopy, double fishes, mystic knot, and jar are printed on the surface of the bell. These are Feng Shui items to transform bad chi into auspicious energy.

This Feng Shui cure is specially designed to suppress the #5 Yellow Flying Star which brings accidents, financial loss, and misfortunes of all kinds, and can also be used to control any other earth energy afflictions e.g. #2 sickness star. This bell captures bad energy and transforms it into good energy. The top of the bell is the 5 element pagoda that can decrease the effort of the flying star Five Yellow. This 5 Element Pagoda Ringing Bell is further empowered with the Buddhist 8 auspicious objects and mantras.

This handbell which produces an amazing clear ring that resonates for a long time can be used for meditation or for space clearing in Feng Shui. Space clearing is especially good in attracting new business opportunities and increasing sales. The lingering and soothing harmonics created by this bell cleanse all space ‘touched’ by the sounds. It enhances and purifies the Ch’i, enlivens and nourishes stale Ch’i with balanced yin and yang energy, chases away negative energy, creates a sense of tranquility. transforms inauspicious energies into auspicious energies and produces Seng Ch’i, the intrinsic energy which brings good fortune and luck.

For best results, stand in the middle of each room in the morning before twelve noon, focus on the task of Ch’i cleansing in your mind, and gently ring the bell until you feel the effects emanating from the bell into all the directions and fill up space. If you practice space purification with an incense burner, perform the bell cleansing after that. Repeat weekly.

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Brass, 7 Types Metal


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