5 Faceted Rudraksha Mala 20mm with Copper & Silver Flower Caps


A beautiful sacred rosary made of five faceted Rudraksha beads. The person who wears it will experience extraordinary growth and comforts in all fields.

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A beautiful sacred rosary made of five faceted Rudraksha beads.

5 faceted or 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is the manifestation of the five-headed Lord Shiva. The most common of Rudraksha beads, the person who wears it will experience extraordinary growth and comforts in all fields and will find all his/her desires satisfied. This Rudraksha also keeps the wearer always on the path of truth, calms the minds, increases the spiritual powers, and removes the fear of untimely death.

About the Powers of Rudraksha Beads:

Rudraksha beads or Mala are the seeds of a type of berry fruit from Rudraksha trees, mainly found in South East Asia, Nepal, and India. Rudraksha in Sanskrit literally means “the eye of Rudra”. Legend has it that Lord Śiva, on viewing the misfortunes of humanity shed a tear. This single tear became the first Rudraksha tree and a sign of his compassion.

There are grooves running on the surface of the beads and they are called faces or facets of the Rudraksha. In Sanskrit, faces are termed as Mukhi. Rudraksha beads are available from 1 to 38 facets and each facet has special spiritual significance and uses.

For thousands of years, Eastern spiritual traditions have benefited from rudraksha beads which are believed to radiate beneficial energies for overall healing and rendering positive changes in the one who wears them. Rudrakshas are very sought-after powerful beads that can help one attain success in all that you want in life – a healthy mind, body, and soul, gain knowledge, wealth, and fame, and achieve happiness and eternal bliss. These beads eliminate stress and imbue its wearer with tranquility, peace of mind, concentration, and focus – the states of mind that are important for success to everyone especially professionals and students. It alters personality and mindset in a positive way and helps the wearer for spiritual and material growth. Specific faces of beads have immense powers in boosting energy levels and confidence, orienting the mind towards prosperity, instilling a feeling of security, improving the ability to relate with others easily, and increasing the ability of speculative thinking. The anti-aging property of Rudraksha is also well experienced.

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