7 Medicine Buddha Plaque for Longevity and Health Protection


Display the 7 Medicine Buddha Plaque for Longevity and Health Protection will bring healing and good health.

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This is a beautiful plaque featuring the much revered Blue Medicine Buddha in the center who is actually part of the Seven Sugata Medicine Buddhas. The complete lineup includes Buddha Shakyamuni who taught the teachings on the Medicine Buddha and is also considered as one of the Medicine Buddhas, and hence the Eight Medicine Buddhas at the top. The names of all the Buddhas and the Medicine Buddha Mantra are printed on fine ceramic material on a wooden base.

Many of us know the Medicine Buddha as the blue-colored Buddha, the Lapis Lazuli Healing Master who specializes in curing those who are sick or dying.

In fact, the Blue Medicine Buddha is actually the manifestation of the Seven Sugata Medicine Buddhas who each are extremely powerful for healing every type of concern in your life, physical or otherwise. When one chants the Mantra of the Medicine Buddha and says his name with reverence, one is engaging the help of all the Seven Medicine Buddhas, who each provide a very unique brand of protection. As such, the Great Medicine Buddha is capable of more than just bring good health; he brings huge success in all areas of life!

The Seven Medicine Buddhas and their special blessings are:

1.) The blue-colored King of Lapis Light, Bhaisajyaguru is the most well-known Medicine Buddha, and he specializes in healing you of all kinds of diseases, poisons, and sufferings.

2.) The golden Glorious King of Excellent Signs, Supari Kirti Tanama Sri Raja protects against violence, robbery, kidnapping, vicious animals, and harmful spirits.

3.) The yellow-colored King of Melodious Sound, Adorned with Jewels, Sun and Moon, Svara Gosa Raja, brings riches and descendants.

4.) The golden-colored King of Stainless Excellent Gold, Suvarna Bhadra Vimala grants longevity and safeguard against untimely death caused by a sudden illness, accidents, or natural disasters.

5.) The pink-colored King of Supreme Glory Releaser of Sorrow, Asokotta Ma Sri Raja, eradicates emotional worries and brings happiness and love.

6.) The pink-colored King of Melodious Ocean, Dharma Kirti Sagara, eliminates foolishness and brings wisdom and knowledge – perfect for those studying or embarking on new careers.

7.) The coral-colored King of Clear Knowing, Abhijya Raja, protects you from jealousy, malice, and anger, either directed at you or emanating from you.

Invite the 7 Medicine Buddhas into your home or place of work by displaying this plaque on a table or hanging on a wall. The 7 Medicine Buddha Plaque for Longevity and Health Protection will not only bring healing and good health but also good fortune and success.

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Porcelain, Ceramic, Wooden Frame



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