9 Rings Sword of Business Successes Enhancer


Display the 9 Rings Sword in your place of work or even at home to increase your business and career luck.

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This is a handsome and elegant display piece with the magnificent 9 Rings Sword – a glistening gold weapon with nine rings fastened to its blade. Perfectly crafted and perched on a sturdy black wooden base.

The 9 Rings Sword is a classic and truly awe-inspiring sword. The 9 rings were meant to disorientate and confuse the enemy. Over time this amazing sword has become an amulet for business, as many believe that the 9 rings, enhanced by the Power of Nine, can overcome business competitors and conflicts. It can figuratively cut through all obstacles and hindrances in your way to let you smoothly achieve your goals.

If you’re running a business either as an owner or a manager, you will need this powerful sword to protect you from those who wish to cheat you and to give you the courage to rise above this. This is the special sword, carried by the fierce General Kuan Kung, and contains 9 special rings to overcome 9 types of cheating energy, the energy that attracts those who intentionally or unintentionally swindle you, overcharge you, undersupply products to you, steal items belonging to you, steal your workers, steal your ideas, refuse to pay you, lie to you and trick you into signing away your life!

This classic sword is also a great enhancer for the Number 9 Lucky Multiplying Star, and a cure for the deadly Number 3 Argumentative Star. The metal make of this item also doubles it as a formidable metal cure to weaken the malignant #2 Illness and #5 Misfortune Stars which are of the earth element.

Display the 9 Rings Sword in your place of work or even at home to increase your business and career luck. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, it will bring you good fortune, provide financial stability and protect you from harm.

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