White Anrenshui Wu Lou Key Chain


Carry an Anrenshui Wu Lou Amulet with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater prosperity and improved health.

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This lovely key chain features a white Anrenshui Wu Lou with the Chinese characters 安 (An) and 康 (Kang) which means safe and healthy and a twig with green leaves on the top to signify growth and vitality – the perfect amulet to attract blessings of harmony, happiness, good health, and abundance.

The Wu Lou, often associated with Sau, the longevity God, is a well-known symbol of good health and longevity and a powerful Feng Shui cure to subdue illness chi, especially those brought by the #2 Sickness Star. It is said to contain the nectar of immortality and has the power to absorb the sickness energy, storing it in its endless bottom in order not to let the sickness chi hurt you. Many generations of Chinese invite this special gourd into their homes not only for longevity and good health but also to ward off bad chi and promote longevity, good health, prosperity, and an abundance of blessings. The shape of a Wu Lou is believed to be a representation of Heaven and Earth united in miniature.

The White Anrenshui Wu Lou Key Chain, besides being an elegant accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet with all the protection and blessings associated with the Wu Lou symbol. Carry it with you at all times for peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater prosperity, improved health, and better luck into your life!

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