Antiquated 6 Eye Dzi Bead with 12mm Yellow Jasper Bracelet


Antiquated 6 Eye Dzi Bead Tibetan energize the endocrine system, release toxins and aid the stomach and digestion.

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This beautiful bracelet features the Antiquated 6 Eye Dzi Bead Tibetan. Along with polished round, Yellow Jasper crystal beads strung on tough elastic cording.

The Antiquated 6 Eye Dzi Bead restores the physiological functions of the viscera and bodily strength. Besides, it removes impending ill misfortune and represents an increment of fortune. Other than this, the 6-eyed Dzi bead able to release one from the suffering of the six ways of sentient existence (Samsara). In other words, clear one’s bad karma.

Yellow Jasper is a protective stone, which can shield you against negativity and depression. Associated with the root chakra, the powerful Jasper crystal cools, soothes and calms the mind and nerves, hence reduces stress and brings tranquillity. It enhances one’s ability to relax and heal if necessary.

Jasper is also reputed to promote creativity, enhance spiritual solidarity, stimulate imagination, and imbue courage and willpower. It channels positive energy increasing feelings of well-being and building self-confidence.

In healing features, Yellow Jasper stones energize the endocrine system, release toxins and aid the stomach and digestion. All jaspers work in a subtle way to give slow and gentle healing.

This product is guaranteed brand new and will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

Note: This bracelet standard inner diameter is 6.5 inches and is able to customize to fit your wrist. Kindly drop us an email if you require of adapting its diameter.

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