Auspicious Mandarin & Pear (Tai Kat Tai Lei)


Display the Auspicious Mandarin & Pear (Tai Kat Tai Lei) highly to reap the benefit of big fortune and prosperity.

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This is a gorgeous enhancer featuring an auspicious golden Mandarin (Kat in Cantonese) paired with a Pear fruit (Lei in Cantonese) to symbolize the popular phrase “Tai Kat Tai Lei” which means “abundance of fortune and profits”. For good measure, some gold ingots are added to increase the wealth-enhancing potency of this lovely item.

Signifying gold, Mandarin oranges take a prime position as the most auspicious fruit to usher in good fortune, wealth, and peace. They are synonymous with the Lunar New Year celebrations. The Mandarin fruits or plants are displayed in every Chinese home during this period and are often exchanged as auspicious gifts during festivities to ensure that there will be happiness and prosperity in the household throughout the coming twelve months.

To enjoy an abundance of fortune and profits, display it in the South East (wealth corner based on the 8 Mansions Theory) or to boost the #8 Prosperity Star (Find out more about 2015 Flying Stars here). It also makes a meaningful gift for business counterparts to wish them prosperity.

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