Auspicious Wooden Ruyi Hanging for Authority


This absolutely elegant looking tassel features a wooden Ruyi carved with the Chinese characters 吉祥如意.


This absolutely elegant looking tassel features a wooden Ruyi carved with the Chinese characters 吉祥如意 (Ji Xiang Ru Yi) which translate as “May your good fortune be according to your wishes”, Chinese coin for prosperity, and classic oriental motif. It is adorned with a creative knot and finished off with two yellow tassels.

The Ruyi is one of the most powerful symbols of power, leadership, and authority. Also known as the scepter of power, the Ruyi was a tool for high-ranking officials of Imperial China in ancient times. They were usually made of precious gems such as jade or gold cloisonné. This symbolic item is also carried by the Tua Peh Kong deity as well as Luk, one of the three-star deities Fuk Luk Sau which represents abundance and wealth. The Ruyi is also a wish-fulfilling symbol by virtue of its name which means “as you wish” in Chinese.

The Auspicious Wooden Ruyi Hanging, besides being an elegant accessory, is a handy Feng Shui amulet to attract the special kind of Chi that boosts one’s career luck, promises respect and recognition, and ensures smoothness of business pursuits. Hang it in your home or car, or pop it in your bag to enjoy peace of mind and prepare to welcome greater power and prosperity into your life!

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 14 × 3.8 × 2 cm