Bagua Twelve Zodiac Amulet Bells For Protection


This is a wonderful and extremely auspicious amulet packed with many great Feng Shui symbols.

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This is a wonderful and extremely auspicious amulet packed with many great Feng Shui symbols.

The central of this talisman is a rotatable octagonal plate. On one side of it are the 12 Chinese zodiac animal signs to represent the earthly branches surrounding a round mirror. On the other side is the Bagua with an image of a Yin Yang symbol with eight trigrams marked around it. It’s tied with a mystic knot, also known as the lucky knots. The Bagua is a strong Feng Shui tool that provides protection against killing energy or ‘Sar chi’ that brings misfortunes.

Surrounding the Bagua are images of the dragon. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, the dragon is the most auspicious and magnificent, mightiest, and most sacred of all creatures and to be treated with great respect. Through generations, the dragon has been the ultimate symbol of power, abundance, good luck, and honor. The Dragon is said to create the precious cosmic Chi or known as the ‘Sheng Chi’ which brings good fortunes into our homes and workplaces, making it an all-rounder bringer of good luck. The Dragon makes a powerful cure and enhancer for business luck, brings foresight and wisdom for the elderly, brings honor to the family, and brings protection.

The three bells are decorated with images of the Kuan Yin. The bells produce pleasant metallic sounds that ward off negativities, bad chi, and influences. Commonly known to the Chinese as the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin is the most popular deity on Chinese altars, trusted and loved by all Chinese people. “One Who Hears the Cries of the World”, She hears those who call upon her and helps them to lead them to the peace and happiness of the Western Heaven. Kuanyin is a savior with boundless compassion, a comforter of the sick, lost, senile, frightened, and unfortunate.

Hang this Bagua Twelve Zodiac Amulet Bells for Protection in your car. It will protect you against harm and help ward off bad chi that can bring accidents and injuries and ensure you reach your destination safe and sound. You can also hang this powerful talisman near the entrance of your house or office to enhance good chi while ensuring bad chi and negative influences entering the premises are dissolved. The Bagua Twelve Zodiac Amulet Bells for Protection will bring prosperity, protection, and good luck to the entire family.

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