Bejeweled Rooster for Business & Relationship Luck


This is a beautiful figurine of a multicolored Bejeweled Rooster standing tall and proud to counter business competition and infidelity.

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This is a beautiful figurine of a multicolored Rooster standing tall and proud to counter business competition and infidelity. Its brilliantly colored body etched in intricate details is accented with sparkling crystals and bright red comb & wattle which add life to this lovely item.

The Rooster, known for its courage, reliability, meticulousness, independence, and confidence, and faithfulness, is a popular Feng Shui symbol of marital loyalty. This item represents and strengthens conjugal bonds and is used by Chinese and oriental cultures all over the world as well as recommended by Feng Shui practitioners and consultants in order to help their clients overcome marital obstacles by getting rid of the bad chi which causes such difficulties. The Rooster image looks ferocious which means that it looks unfavorably on extramarital affairs. Its sharp claws and shiny feathers represent power and strength to aid in fighting off bad chi of infidelity. Similarly, the Rooster is also said to dissolve quarrelsome chi to dispel gossips and backstabbing whilst enhancing career luck. Additionally, the Rooster is often used to ward off evil spirits as it wakes up very early and announces the dawn of a new day to disperse darkness and dark spirits.

To counter infidelity, the correct placement of the Rooster is to place it at the main door looking out. This is to enable the rooster to peck away all possible problems of unfaithfulness from getting into the house. Whereas to enhance the good relationships among co-workers and peck away competition, a rooster figurine should be displayed on one’s desk.

Elegantly crafted, the Bejeweled Rooster for Business & Relationship Luck has a secret compartment held together with magnetic clasps that can act as a wish-fulfilling box. Put on paper your secret wishes and keep them in the hidden compartment to enhance your chances for them to materialize. It can also serve as a hiding place for your favorite trinkets.

Display the Bejeweled Rooster for Business & Relationship Luck in your home or place of work. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the combined energies of these powerful symbols will bring you marriage luck, success, good fortune and guard you against harm and misfortune.

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