Big Auspicious Stars Fortune Mirror

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Display the Big Auspicious Stars Fortune Mirror and these powerful symbols will grant you success and bring good fortune.


This classic styled circular-shaped Mirror made from gold plated brass highly polished to give a reflective surface. The Fortune Mirror is encircled by the sacred syllables OM AH HUM whilst the reverse side is etched with a beautiful 8-petal Lotus mandala surrounded by empowering mantras, perched prettily on an elegant brass stand.

Metal mirrors are potent Feng Shui ornaments that not only have the ability to absorb your troubles and turn them into opportunities and positive outcomes but also have the power to capture the power of the Big Auspicious Stars that appear in several 15-degree compass directions each year. They are also traditionally used for space clearing, protecting against people of bad intention, dissolving bad chi, turning enemies into friends, attracting new love into one’s life, and bringing good luck. The mirror uses the reflection of rays for space clearing and the great part is that it will continuously clear the space automatically. It is therefore excellent for premises and houses where energy is bad due to bad Feng Shui or flying stars.

OM AH HUM is a Tibetan Buddhist Mantra of Blessing which frequently precedes the recitation of other mantras. They’re associated with body, speech, and mind respectively implying the symbolism of trinity and representing the perfect state of being of each of these three bodies. Hence this mantra is said to purify bad karma unwittingly brought on by negative actions, speech and thoughts. When you wear it or have it close to you, you are purifying the environment as well as yourself and all other beings within it, bringing blessings and protection.

The Lotus flower is one of the “Ashtamangala,” or Eight Auspicious Symbols of Tibetan Buddhists. The plant standing with the roots in the mud, yet raising its blossom towards the light, represents the purity of body, speech, and mind, floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire.

Besides benefiting from the auspiciousness of these symbols, the Big Auspicious Fortune Mirror can also act as a Big Metal to suppress inauspicious energies brought by Earth flying stars such as the #2 illness star and #5 misfortune star. Also, a great enhancer where you need to strengthen the metal energies of a particular sector for example Northwest to enhance your Mentor luck.

Be sure to display the Big Auspicious Stars Fortune Mirror in your home or place of work. Besides being a magnificent showpiece, the combined energies of the mirror and the powerful symbols will grant you success, bring good fortune, and guard you against harm.

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