Big Money 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror Key Chain


Display the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror Key Chain in the South East to amplify the good fortune of big wealth and money from this Ho Tu combination.

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This is exquisite key chain amulet comprises a gold plated round disc featuring the Wealth God flanked by the Dragon and Snake and surrounded by wealth symbols of ingots & coins. The other side has a shiny reflective mirror surface encircled with powerful mantras. The polished gold handle is embellished with a glorious gold ball chain tassel. This is the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror which brings the luck of wealth and prosperity.

Ho Tu numbers are the four pairs of numbers placed in a certain manner in the Flying Chart which represent the Yin (even numbers) and Yang (odd numbers) energies combinations of the five elements. These pairings only occur once in a while and when they do, the special sectors housing such combinations are extremely auspicious.

If the sector containing the Ho Tu combination is properly activated, it will bring tremendous luck. Display the Big Money 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror Key Chain in the appropriate sector to capture and amplify the good fortune of big wealth and money from this Ho Tu. Those with animal signs whose home sector housed the Ho Tu benefit the most from activating this Ho Tu Combination and should carry these mirrors with them.

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