Bloody Dragon Veins Dzi Bead w/ Fuk Luk Sau Rutilated Bracelet


A beautiful bracelet made up of a Bloody Dragon Veined Dzi Bead and Fuk Luk Sau rutilated beads strung on tough elastic cording.

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A beautiful bracelet made up of a Bloody Dragon Veined Dzi Bead and Fuk Luk Sau rutilated beads strung on tough elastic cording.

In physical healing, Rutilated Quartz is said to be a strong healer with the ability to boost the immune system, help in absorbing all nutrients, strengthen the respiratory tract and slow down the advancement of diseases. Rutilated quartz is believed to have the power to aid cellular regeneration and hence slow down the aging process.

Wear the Bloody Dragon Veined Dzi Bead with Fuk Luk Sau Rutilated to attract great good fortune.

This crystal product will be cleansed of negative energy by using the singing bowl before shipment to empower it with positive Sheng Ch’i.

About Dzi Beads and its Power

For thousands of years, Dzi (pronounced as “Ji”) beads have been deeply entrenched in Tibetan culture. The Dzi beads, being Tibetan’s most precious living gemstone and charm are worshipped, revered, and passed down from generation to generation. Did you know that in Tibet, the ancient pure Dzi beads can be used for mortgage purposes in banks! As with all things ancient and mystical, there is plenty of folklore associated with Dzi beads. One legend has it that demi-gods threw away their Dzi beads when they became ever so slightly blemished, which explains why the Dzi bead is also regarded as the “Heavenly Stone” by the Tibetans.

Tibet, being the former home of the Dalai Lama, has always been associated with the mystical and the holy. There is no denying that the beads’ very origins certainly lend it a metaphysical air. It is believed that the Dzi Bead has the ability to protect its wearer from supernatural “bad” forces. Many believers claim that donning a Dzi bead is akin to having an invisible cloak protect you from the intangible negative elements and energies. Evil spirits, sickness, misfortunes, and sudden death are kept at bay with the presence of a powerful Dzi bead. Dzi can also balance the body of the wearer’s yin yang and five elements, hence improves the body’s immunity system and promotes overall health. Other reasons people wear Dzi beads include to usher in greater wealth, for spiritual enlightenment, and even just as an aid in enhancing a feeling of calm within oneself.

The Dzi bead can be worn by everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, and age because these beads are not meant to be religious. Its main purpose is to promote the good aura of a person.

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