Blue Water Globe Talisman Keychain


Carrying this Blue Water Globe Talisman Keychain attracts the positive energy of life, luck, and wealth.

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This Blue Water Globe Talisman is a pretty combination of a water-filled globe with a jewel-encrusted “Shui” which is the Chinese character for water. Carrying this water element amulet attracts the positive energy of life, luck, and wealth.

In Feng Shui, water is one of the most powerful elements for wealth creation, being a popular symbol of money in Feng Shui. Its sparkling chi energy is beneficial for your health, abundance, and prosperity. It is able to transform the prosperous chi in your office or home environment to bring you and your family balance and harmony. The blue color further enhances the water element of this talisman for greater potency.

Due to its portable make, this lucky charm can be not only placed at houses or offices, but it can also be carried and kept as a good luck amulet. Hang it on or pop it in your bag. Dangle it on the rearview mirror of your car so that your personal ‘guardian angel’ is always there with you, to protect you from harm, misfortune and bring you good luck.

This way, the Blue Water Globe auspicious keychain can act as a Feng Shui lucky talisman and protect you not only while you are in your house or at work but also the rest of the time and wherever you go. Carry it for greater peace of mind and to increase your income and money lucks.

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