Brass Bat atop Peaches (L)


The Brass Bat atop Peaches is an auspicious symbol that brings prosperity, good wealth luck, and excellent health.

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This is a popular classic symbol of good Feng Shui where a bat is depicted atop two peaches biting on two coins that brings prosperity, good wealth luck, and excellent health. This absolutely stunning-looking Bat Atop Peaches is made of high-quality brass with details given to its finishing.

In traditional China, the bat is a popular auspicious symbol of good luck and wealth because the sound for Bats in Chinese, ‘Fuk’ is similar to good fortune and happiness. During the days of the Manchu emperors, bats were the most popular symbol after the dragon being embroidered in imperial robes for high-ranking officials and the emperor. One can often see symbols of bats on decorative windows, doors, and even the floor in old Chinese houses.

On the other hand, the Peach has long been regarded as a traditional symbol for good health, longevity, and immortality. Legend has it that the Eight Immortals will be invited by the Goddess of the West for a feast when her peach trees bear fruits, which is how they attained immortality. The most famous folk tale related to the peaches would probably be Journey to the West, where the Monkey God stole and ate the peaches of immortality from the garden of the Goddess of the West and attained immortality.

This exquisite Brass Bat atop Peaches is sure to attract the attention of visitors and start a conversation. Ideal for your living rooms and offices.

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