Brass Happy Buddha Holding Ruyi and Beads


Place the Brass Happy Buddha Holding Ruyi and Beads in the reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony.

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This is a unique representation of the Laughing Buddha that looks almost like a ball. He is depicted holding a Ruyi for power on one hand and a rosary bead on the other. Place it in the Northwest to favor patriarch luck or Southwest to benefit the matriarch. Ideal in your living room as well. Things will come to you with less effort.

The Brass Happy Buddha Holding Ruyi and Beads can practically be placed in any part of the home or office except in the toilet areas and kitchen. Here is how you can use the Brass Happy Buddha Holding Ruyi and Beads to Feng Shui your way to a better life.

1. A good place to put it is in the living room, preferably facing the front door to harness good fortune while staving off bad luck, to bring in harmony and take away quarrellings, to absorb negative Ch’i and emanate auspicious energies.

2. Display it on the dashboard of your car. He will pick up your problems, stuff them into his sack and transform them into happiness. That will take the load off your mind so that you can focus on driving, and reach your destination safe and sound.

3. It may also be placed on the study desk to take away pressure and stress, as well as to assist the student towards fulfilling academic goals.

4. Place it in your office table or reception area of your shop to bring wealth luck and harmony as well as to prevent backstabbing.

5. It is an excellent antidote for Three Killings which brings sickness, financial loss, and accidents.

6. In Flying Star Feng Shui, the Brass Happy Buddha Holding Ruyi and Beads made from metal (brass, bronze, etc) can be used to ward off the evil influences of the malignant #5 yellow star and #2 black star. The #2 black star is also known as the ‘Sickness Star’ which brings illnesses and ailments to occupants while the #5 yellow star is the ‘Disaster Star’ that instigates fights, accidents, and death. Placing the Laughing Buddha in the affected sectors will dilute these adverse energies.

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