Brass Monkey God Statue (L) Sun Wu Kong

The Monkey God is famous in Chinese legend for his unwavering pursuit of the greatest powers in the realm.


The Monkey God is famous in Chinese legend for his unwavering pursuit of the greatest powers in the realm. Also called Sun Wukong, in Feng Shui he is considered particularly useful for businessmen looking to overcome severe setbacks or failures in their work. His character originates in the ancient Chinese epic Journey to the West.

According to this legend the God of Monkey was born from a stone enchanted with the primordial energy of chaos on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. First he gained repute with a clan of monkeys for his ingenuity and then he became obsessed with immortality. Monkey God learned human ways and pursued studies under a Taoist master immortal, whom resisted him at first for his lack of humanity.

This immortal was so impressed with Monkey’s cunning and enthusiasm he became his favorite student and gave him the name Sun Wu Kong, which means “monkey, aware of emptiness.” Monkey God also learned incredible powers from the Taoist immortal such as the ability to shape-shift into the “72 transformations” and thus turn into any possible form of existence. He also learned how to cloud travel and turn all of the hairs on his body into a clone army. Well the Monkey got a little full of himself and started showing off, he was then exiled and sworn to secrecy from the Taoist disciples.

Sun Wukong then became one of the most renowned and powerful demons of the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. He tracked down a great weapon worthy of his powers: a golden staff weighing 8 tons which could transfigure, multiply and even control the ocean. With it he won a golden hat of phoenix feathers and cloud-walking boots from the sea dragon and decided to wreak havoc among the gods in heaven.

Sun Wukong went on the give the god’s quite a headache and then be imprisoned under a mountain by the Buddha for five centuries. Guanyin later called on his aide but made sure to maintain some control over him with an enchanted headband that would restrict on her command. Monkey God helped Guan Yin overcome 81 tribulations to reach their trial and was finally awarded Buddhahood for his efforts.

Place the Monkey God in the home facing the main door to protect from negative energy entering.Place the Monkey God in the West or Southwest to utilize him as a guardian symbol and representative of long-life.Display the monkey in your desk or office to inspire your abilities in overcoming great obstacles and tricky situations at work.

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