Brass Wealth Pot with Five Wealth Gods (S

The five Wealth Gods or also known as Wu Lu Chai Shenin Chinese bestows superlative wealth luck throughout the year.


The five Wealth Gods or also known as Wu Lu Chai Shenin Chinese bestows superlative wealth luck throughout the year.

This is a highly auspicious Wealth Pot made of brass embellished with the image of the five directional deities of wealth – East, West, South, North and the center. It is believed that if you receive the blessings from the five Wealth Gods or also known as “Wu Lu Chai Shen” in Chinese, you will enjoy superlative wealth luck throughout the year. Chinese businessmen love to receive the Five Wealth Gods during Chinese New Year and this Feng Shui product would make a perfect gift for your Chinese business partners, clients or friends. The wealth pot is also adorned with various good luck feng shui symbols such as the good fortune bats, coins and ingots for wealth luck, and leaping carp for academic and career success. To sum it up, a total feng shui package!

The Wealth Pot is a particularly promising symbol of prosperity, wealth and success. This tradition started in ancient China, when the rich folk used wealth pots, wealth chests or wealth vases in their homes to augment their luck with riches. This is because the wealth pot is an icon of endless good-fortune and wealth. In Asia, wealth pots are widely placed in homes or offices; in most shops, a wealth pot placed at the cashier counter is believed to multiply prosperity and fortune. One can also view wealth pots placed in the vicinity of Chinese Wealth Gods; this practice makes the pot even more powerful. Exhibiting this stimulant of prosperity luck on your desk or workplace is said to attract wealth and good fortune to your life and to your business.

By using a wealth pot, you are attracting wealth luck from all directions into your home or workplace, while at the same time averting a monetary loss. It is for this reason that many persons in the field of sales, business and speculative investments seek wealth pots. They are also very useful to people who are looking to increase their affluence and draw premium luck.

To ensure that a wealth pot is a symbol of abundant wealth, it must appear as if it is overflowing with prosperities such as gold ingots, coins, jewels and other good luck charms and symbols.

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