Brass Wealthy Feng Shui Rooster


The Brass Wealthy Feng Shui Rooster symbolizes great wealth, an abundance of good fortune, and prosperity.


This gorgeous brass Rooster has its body feathers and wattles cleverly sculpted using Chinese coins. It is depicted standing proudly on a pile of gold ingots and coins to symbolize great wealth, an abundance of good fortune, and prosperity. In traditional Feng Shui, a rooster is used to deter any threats to your relationships or businesses.

Place the Rooster figurine at your main door looking out to prevent extra-marital affairs in your family. The Rooster is a great gift for your other half to be displayed at the office desk to keep an alert eye and keep the third party at bay and at the same time attract wealth energies.

Display the rooster on a low cabinet behind your chair or your desk facing diagonally the door to your room in your office to peck away negative energy associated with gossip and backstabbing, people talking behind your back, and office politicking.

If your job requires you to be political, displaying a rooster figurine in your office will ensure you have luck on your side.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 10.2 × 6.4 × 12 cm